Thursday, July 5, 2012

Week 1

Hello !

Well... One week down! Crazy stuff, huh? It's really weird... It feels like I've been here FOREVER, but in a good way. My district is great, my roommates are awesome, the MTC is super spiritual, and the food will keep me alive. What's really weird to think about is the fact that this Monday we get our Flight Plans for heading out to NEW YORK!!! I'm excited, but it's kinda scary as well. The MTC is really great and I feel like I've learned a TON so far. Every day is filled with spiritual experiences and I've grown a lot from them.

Everybody here at the MTC kept telling us that if we could make it to Sunday, we'd be good through the whole MTC. Because of that, Elder Chappell and I felt like the first few days were going to be pretty rough, but somehow it ended up being super great anyways! Surprisingly, I slept a lot better the first few days than I have been lately. Hopefully I've not getting too stressed out! (I really do feel good about everything, I'm just waking up in the night)

MTC Life... Wake up, get ready, eat breakfast. After breakfast, we either have a workshop or go straight into our 3 hour class sessions. Then, lunch, MAIL TIME, more class, workshops, dinner, MAIL TIME, and a nightly workshop, teaching experience, etc. Then sleep and repeat! It's really busy and wears me out, but good. Thanks for the mail/packages from my fam (loved the cookies!), Sarah, Nichole Pitt (Sorry if that's misspelled!), and ADAM SHURTLIFF!  Congrats to Adam on his call to Merida Mexico!  You'll do great buddy!

As a part of the class, we teach investigators the gospel lessons. Elder Chappell and I have been teaching a girl named Sacha and a young man named Ryan. It's weird how different people seem to be made to teach other people. All of the other companionships have been doing really well teaching Sacha and are intimidated by Ryan, but we LOVE Ryan. The lessons have gone really well and we've had some really cool experiences with him. We teach Sacha tonight though and are going to try to get her to trust us as she gets to know us a little better though, so hopefully that goes well.

Our teachers, Sister Engebretsen and Brother Roberts are great! Brother Roberts is from South Africa, has an awesome accent, and is one of the most quoteable guys I know! I learn SO MUCH from him in the lessons. Every day I feel like I'm twice the missionary I was the previous day!

4th of July was pretty weird... It was a little bit of a bummer because we weren't able to get any mail! Even when I don't get mail, seeing how excited all of the other Elders are is really fun to watch. We had a patriotic fireside from Gary Stott (some Utah Judge?), got Magnum Ice Cream Bars, and watched the fireworks! It was a lot of fun. We sang "I'm Glad They Called Me On A Mission, Now That I've Grown A Foot or 2" at the fireside. Cracked me up!

 We heard a talk from Tedd Gibbons on Sunday! It was a personal account of Willard Richards and his experiences with the restoration. COOL STUFF!

We didn't have a ton of time to write emails today! Thank you all for everything and I have a motto for my mission that I think you'll get a kick out of: Try your best, Heavenly Father does the rest.

Love you all!

-Elder Mitch Hussey

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