Monday, March 25, 2013


Is it almost Spring? We heard the weather has been really nice in Utah.. But Massena (Ma-seen-ah) has an extended winter, as it is right next to Canada. But it'll hopefully be here soon!
It is pretty crazy to think that I've already been out for 9 months. It has gone by pretty quickly, but it still feels like I've been out on the mission forever. But, it's still fun and exciting, so all is well. :) It's weird to think that already, that the sisters that left with me are at their half-way point! That's wild. I'm still pretty "young" in the mission though! So that much is good.
It is really cool that I'm so close to where some of our ancestors lived! It's really interesting being so close to Canada. When we were driving up to Massena (which is like a 4 hour drive.. Uggh.) we were driving right by a river for about 2 hours... And Canada was on the other side of the river! I'm thinking I might need you to send my passport out here. There's an Indian Reservation that is within our area, but the only way to get there (unless you're Indian) is to cross the border to Canada, then go through their bridge to the reservation. I'll check and see if that's even allowed by President Wirthlin first though. So I'll get back to you on that.
My new companion is Elder Bybee. He is 19, and came from Salem Oregon. He loves the outdoors, motocross, etc and is way excited to be out here on a mission. He's a great sport and loves getting out and talking to people, which is really great.

It's been an interesting week. Getting ready to leave Syracuse was tough, but I was able to see a lot of people and get a lot of emails so that I can keep in touch with them. Elder Simmonds and I had a lot of fun together and we were both excited for the upcoming adventures.
The plane bringing all of the new missionaries had some problems, so they all ended up staying the night in Detroit and coming the next morning. We had to mix up our plans a little bit and work things out to do transfers in Liverpool, but it all worked out. We all had to wait a while, but we finally got the news that I would be training Elder Bybee! What's funny about that is I met him during lunch, and then when President Wirthlin was announcing who was going with who, I just had a strong feeling I would be with Elder Bybee. Sure enough, it happened!
Pretty cool stuff! We got all of our stuff, hopped in the car, and headed to Massena! It was a really long drive.... and we got there at about 10:30. After we unpacked a little and got our beds made, we both passed out until the morning.
Thursday was pretty eventful! When we woke up, I found out that.............. I had lost my voice. Almost completely. I have some weird cold that is just making it so I can't talk hardly at all. So that threw a curveball into the situation. We went to Malone to switch cars with the Malone Elders (Elder Baird and Elder Meyers) and had lunch at the Chinese place. The lady that put it on is Dave Nichol's wife. They're a great couple that live in Malone that take great care of all of the missionaries that come through.. And they're not even members of the church! Crazy.. But Dave teaches people how to make custom guitars and creates BEAUTIFUL work. Seriously, they were awesome. After that, we came back to Massena, met with the senior couple that just got here (The Huffs), and then did weekly planning. It was a long day and Elder Bybee was really tired at the end and my voice was getting pretty bad.
Friday was good. We got out and did a little tracting! I still couldn't talk, so Elder Bybee was kinda on his own. He did great though and we had fun! (Trial by fire, huh?) Then, we were back on the road back to Syracuse for the All Mission Conference the next day!
Saturday was awesome! Elder Bednar was great to get to meet and the Spirit was there very strong. It was interesting- Elder Bednar didn't really come with a training or anything mindblowing, but he just had us study before we came, then we all talked about the things we had learned. I learned a lot about getting out and acting. If we talk about something, it isn't going to do anything unless we get out and do it! We shouldn't just pray for things to happen, we should pray, then go out and try and solve the problems ourselves, then God will step in and help! It was sweet. I learned a lot of good things and feel like I'm going to be changed eternally a few ways because of what I learned. So that's pretty cool!
I also got to see Skylar Kennington (from Roosevelt) at the all mission conference! That was way cool. He has been in Utica waiting for his Visa, and it just came in, so he's heading to Brazil this week. Pretty cool!
When we got back to Massena, we just got to work. We taught a lesson to an investigator (so we have 1!) and got out and started meeting people on the branch roster. There's about 25 people TOTAL in the branch boundaries (6 of which are active), so we're trying really hard to reactivate people and find new people. The goal is to have the branch started up again sometime in the next 2 months... It's going to be tough work, but we're up to the challenge. We're definitely going to have to mix things up a little bit here though.. We've been told that tracting probably won't yield the best results, but that as we get out there and serve people we'll be able to find a lot of people. I'm praying and seeking revelation on what we should be doing to find people.. If Dad or Tyler or anyone has any ideas, feel free to forward them our way.
Massena is a city, but it's not too big. Maybe around 10,000-15,000 people. There is a Walmart here, and even a shopping mall! That was a big surprise. We're the only missionaries here though, and it's going to be awesome. I told Elder Baird a little bit about the dream I had when I first got out in the mission field, and he told me that I was going to open up Massena. Then when I heard it was opening up, I had the distinct feeling that I was leaving Syracuse to come here. Because Elder Simmonds had been in Syracuse so long, everyone was saying there was no way that I was leaving.. But here I am! So I am convinced that there is a reason that I am up here. I don't quite understand what that is yet, but I know that this is all happening because of revelation. It's pretty cool to think about! President Wirthlin is definitely guided by the Spirit!
Thanks for everything! I hope I was able to answer your questions.. But although I don't have a voice, I feel good and like things are all going to work out.  I have a lot of faith for the future and know that if I do my best, God takes care of the rest.

Love you!
-Elder Hussey

Monday, March 18, 2013


Happy Saint Patrick's Day Yesterday!

Everyone in Syracuse went crazy with Saint Patricks! Tons of green, shamrocks everywhere, etc. We had corned beef and cabbage for dinner, etc, and it was great! We had a lot of fun, and I had my green tie from Christmas to wear! It was really good.
We also had a pretty interesting week! We had some good teaching appointments, had a few exchanges, then did Transfer Calls! We (as Zone Leaders) got to call everyone in the Zone (13 companionships) and let them know what was happening for the next transfer... I was SO nervous while we were waiting for the call! I had a feeling I was leaving Syracuse...........And.........................I was right! I'm already leaving. That's sad, but I feel really right about what is coming up in the future. I'm heading to Massena NY. It's WAY up north, clear by the Canadian border. Tons of wildlife, rivers, etc. It should be really beautiful! I'm also going to be training a new missionary... That will be an adventure. Massena is a little bit of a unique area. There is no ward or branch close to Massena, and there are only 2 active members in the area. They drive all the way to Potsdam for church. Missionaries haven't been in Massena for a few years, and President Wirthlin wants to start a branch there again, so it's a little bit of an experiment. It's going to be a very interesting first week for my new companion, because neither of us will know anything.  However, I feel really right about this decision and know that it's what the Lord wants to happen. It'll be an adventure!
My last week in Syracuse has been good. We took some sweet photos on the South Side of town last monday. That was way fun!

Church was good. We got to see a lot of members there and had a good last Sunday with both the Ward and the Branch. People were surprised that I was already leaving, but it all worked out. We had dinner appointments booked so that we could see people before I leave.. :)
I've been packing up a little, starting to get things ready to leave. I'm really excited/scared, but I know that the Lord is in control, and it'll all manage to work out.... Somehow. I appreciate everything you all do for me and know that you're praying for me. I'm praying for all of you too! I love you all and hope that things are going good at home. Sorry this email ended up short.. Had a few computer issues and it cut my time down. If the computer will let me log in I might be able to send a little more info. If not, you'll hear from me next week!

This week should be exciting. Opening a new area, training a new missionary, and meeting Elder Bednar at a special mission conference this Saturday! Cool stuff, huh?

Love you all,

-Elder Hussey

Monday, March 11, 2013


Transfers are next week... And I'm pretty sure I'm leaving Syracuse. President Wirthlin told me that he really wants me to experience training.. And that it would most likely be this transfer. So with that being the case, I'll most likely be opening a new area and training in 10 days! Kinda intimidating... A lot of tracting in the future.. :P But it'll be great, no matter what happens. I know that wherever I'm serving is the right place to be. Plus, I actually am very excited to go through the training program. I kinda missed out on the last half of it when I was being trained, so I feel like I myself will improve a ton as I go through this experience.

This past week was good. We were trying to find a lot of new investigators, and we ended up finding one! That much was great. We contacted a lot of potentials, talked to a lot of formers, and knocked a lot of doors. None of that worked. It was a text from with a referral that did! Pretty funny how it works. You do your best, Heavenly Father does the rest. We also had Zone Training Meeting! All 26 missionaries in the Zone gathered to Liverpool and Elder Simmonds and I did a training on investigators commitment, and also our own commitment to the Gospel. We related it to investigators keeping their promises, then us keeping the mission rules. We tried to make it funny... We made the "10 Commandments of the Syracuse Zone"!

1. Thou shalt have no unholy music before thee.

2. Thou shalt not view any media image that is not produced by the Church.

3. Thou shalt not take the missionary title in vain, but shall refer to each other as Elder and Sister. (I followed this up with a funny comment... "In 10 years when we're all at a mission reunion, you can call me Hussey all you want, but for the next year, lets keep it at Elder Hussey." They got a good chuckle out of that.)

4. Remember the preparation day, to still be obedient.

5. Honor thy mission President and his wife, that thou mayest serve a full mission.

6. Thou shalt not kill.... Time.

7. Thou shalt not flirt, nor remain in a household where an adult member of the same sex is not present.

8. Thou shalt not steal the Lord's time. Arise at 6:29 and begin proselytizing directly after study.

9. Though shalt not neglect to bear witness of thy labors, but shall keep an honest record in thy area book.

10. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's area, nor their companion, nor their baptism, nor their sweet ties, nor anything like unto it.

Then the two great commandments-

Thou shalt love thy mission with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.

And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love all people as thyself.

We thought the training went well. We finished it with a testimony meeting and a lot of people had some good resolve to be exactly obedient. We think the zone will be blessed.

We also had Stake Correlation. That's a meeting where we meet with the Stake President and discuss all of the missionary work that is going on in the Stake. It is really cool to get this chance to see and understand a bit more of how church organization works.

Besides all of that info, things are going good! I'm doing well, growing in my Testimony of the Savior, and feel like I'm constantly changing for the better.  I love you all and hope that things are going for the best! Keep me updated if anything else exciting happens in your lives!

Love you all,

-Elder Hussey


Monday, March 4, 2013


Good afternoon!

I'm glad that it's almost Spring. It'll be nice to get to the point where we don't have to wear our heavy coats every day. The weather in Syracuse just keeps switching back and forth. One day, it'll be 45, then the next it's 20 and snowing. It's a miracle I haven't been sick! Hopefully it stays that way. 
We desperately need more people to teach. We're not really sure what happened, but we had 6 of our investigators drop us last week, and numbers were already low.. We're down to 4 investigators, and we don't even get to meet with those 4 consistently every week. We went from always having too much work to do and not enough time to do it, to having nothing to do and a lot of time. But, it's alright. We're going to get a lot of time to go and find new people who want to learn about the Gospel. Things will work out great in the long run!

I'll tell you about 2 of the people we're teaching. They are two really cute kids who are related to one of the baptisms early in February. They LOVE church and want to get baptized. They understand the stuff we teach them very well and understand a lot of things that really have surprised me. They are SO cute and fun when we get to teach them. We're trying to teach their Mom as well so that we can have the entire family involved, so hopefully that will happen sometime soon.
We were taken to a Chinese Buffet last weekend by some new members and we all ate weird things like Frog Legs!... It was really great.  Also, the young woman we taught who was recently baptized is also doing really good! She's starting to make some good friends in the Ward and things are working out great.
Being a Zone Leader is really great. I'm not sure how long I'll be here as a Zone Leader (President Wirthlin keeps talking about how he wants me to go and train a new missionary), but it really is good. Our Zone is pretty obedient, preparing trainings is fun, and it's really great to get to know all of the missionaries. Plus, I really enjoy being around President Wirthlin, so that helps out. I definitely have learned a lot about patience, but most of it really applies with being patient with myself. It's pretty different to have so many different eyes on me this early in the mission. A lot of people look up to Zone Leaders as example and for guidance, and sometimes I don't feel qualified to be in this position. But, the Lord qualifies who he calls, so I guess it all works out.
We get asked to dinner often. With 3 sets of missionaries in one Ward, it's a little different than Owego, but we're taken care of. We cover Syracuse by area, so we all cover both the Ward and the Branch, just depending on what side of town people live. The Members are great! One family that is really great is the Sampson family, as well as Brother Johnson, the Elders Quorum President. Those are just two of them, but there are a ton of great members here.

Speaking of family History, what is Grandma Rogers maiden name? I still can't see where that side of the family comes from. I know Dad's side is mostly from England and Ireland, but I don't know anything besides that.
New York is definitely an adventure. The entire mission is actually.. It's filled with ups and downs, but it's really helping me build my faith in the fact that things just have a way of working out. We're put in difficult or awkward situations at times, but if we just have faith in The Lord, ask him for guidance, then follow it exactly, we'll be right where we need to be.... eventually. Like one of the old Assistants use to say- "There's no growth in the comfort zone, and there's no comfort in the growth zone." I'm definitely learning that lesson... a lot. But it's great! My mission is changing who I am, and who I will be throughout eternity.

Love you all!
-Elder Hussey

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