Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Hello family!

What a great week! It's been amazing. But I'll get to all of that in a second. :)

Sorry I'm not writing until today... Hopefully that didn't put a damper on you Monday! We had Zone Conference yesterday, so our preparation day is actually today.

For my Birthday.. In all honesty, I'm not really sure!  I could use a scripture case for my compact set of scriptures. Also, there are mechanical scripture marking pencils that have like 8-10 colors in one that a lot of missionaries have.. That would be awesome. I've been using "Crayola Twistables" which work great, but then I have to carry around 10 different pencils. And I'm always up for more ties. :)
So.. I guess I could say-
1. Scripture Case
2. Scripture marking super pencil thing
3. A tie
The only thing I don't need any of- Candy. I want to stop eating candy and soda. :)

I've been using the Electric Razor lately that I got for Christmas and it started to work really well after about a week or so of use. Thanks so much for that! I really like having that.

Holy cow.. This is going to be a big email! Here's what's happened this past week-

We have been extremely blessed here in Massena. We have made contact with a lot of the Less Actives and several of them have expressed interest in coming back to church once we open in Massena. A few of them actually have kids that are older than 8, so we should be teaching them the lessons soon. That's pretty cool!

Tracting has finally given us success! We found a nice single mom tracting this past week. When we came back to see her, she told us that her best friend was a less active member that had just moved to Massena, but she didn't know that her friend was a member until she mentioned that she had invited the Mormon's to come back to her house. Her friend wants to come to church, so we had her, her 3 kids, her friend and her friend's sister at church this past week. The friend's sister also has 3 kids, so we could have just found 3 families of 4 each that want to come to church. We're teaching them all the restoration tonight.

Last week, I told you about a few kids coming up to us and saying they wanted us to come teach them.. We've taught them a few times and it's going really good. They also all have a few friends who want to learn about the church as well, so we could have around 7 or 8 people taking the lessons at their house as well. With all of the less active members we're working with, the few active members, and investigators, we could have somewhere around 30 people at church when we open up. That's SO COOL!

We continue to tract a lot, and we don't always find people, but it's okay. We'll find one here, one there, and slowly build up. Step by step, precept by precept. It's been super great and cool to see how the Lord just steps in and helps as we do our best. There is a really cool scripture that really resonates with me and my mission right now. It's Doctrine & Covenants 64:29-34

The Work of The Lord is the greatest work I could be involved in at this time of my life. I'm so grateful to have this opportunity and to have so many great people like you supporting me and making it possible for me to be out here. Love you and I pray that things continue to go well at home.

-Elder Hussey

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