Saturday, March 1, 2014


Good morning family!

Sorry we didn't get to email yesterday. We were really busy moving to our new apartment! That took up a lot of our P-Day, but it was still a really good time! I'll give you more details on that in a little.

I cannot believe how fast the time is going by. I'm hearing about all of these missionaries from our mission that are engaged or married already.... It seems like they just went home! In fact, one of the AP's that just went home 3 months ago is married. WOAH.
It seems like the 3 transfers I was with Elder Sedgwick just started yesterday, and I only have 3 transfers left. :/ It's kind of bitter sweet. Time goes by way too quick though.

So, here is the update of our week!

On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, Elder May and I helped out a food pantry in a small town called Minoa. (Meh-no-ah) It's quite a bit different from the food pantry in Lowville. The Lowville Pantry was set up like a grocery store. People would come in, get a cart, and then then were able to go through and pick their foods. They were allowed a set number of things dependent on the number of people in their family. So, they would get to choose what soups they wanted, what meats they liked, etc. Then, we bagged all of the groceries (I guess I could do that for a living after the mission, huh?) and would carry their bags out to the car. In Minoa's Pantry, we help unload the truck that brings the food on Monday, put all of the bags together on Tuesday, then distribute the bags on Wednesday. Everyone just comes in and gets their back depending on family size. It's cool to see the different ways that people do it, what's more effective and what doesn't work as well. It's also a lot of fun getting to meet different people. This past week, we met a guy who wanted to find a church to go to. He was really humble and wanted to get church back into his life, so we invited him to church, got his number, and told him we'd call him to set up an appointment. Unfortunately, somebody led him to some anti and he wasn't interested when we called him later. :C Dang. But it was still good getting to serve.

We've had a lot of dinner appointments with members lately, which is sweet! The members in the Fayetteville Ward are great. There are a TON of young families with cute kids. I think the 2 branches I served in helped me appreciate the Primary kids a lot. But we are getting to know a lot of people and relations with members are starting to improve a lot. We have a lot of members that are excited for the Blitz and ready to work with us. Hopefully the excitement will keep building to the point that people will start sharing the Gospel with their friends and acquaintances.

So, a few more cool things that happened this week. A girl I helped teach got baptized in Massena! She was someone that we were teaching when we very first opened the area. That was SO exciting to find out! I've also heard that 2 more people Elder Bybee and I taught have baptismal dates. Also a young Mom that we were teaching, has made contact with the Huffs and is starting to come back. That is such good news! We also have a member we have been working with here that has just started coming to Church again. She's been the past 4 weeks and is doing well. After Sacrament this past week, she asked me who the Ward Executive Secretary was, then after talking to him, she came to me and told me that she was meeting with the Bishop to start working towards getting her temple recommend back. That was SO great! It was a really cool moment. One of those things to always remember. We're meeting with her tonight.

I spoke in Sacrament this past Sunday. I focused on how blessed we can be with the Gospel in our lives, as well as the things that we need to do to be living "after the manner of happiness". I didn't use any notes throughout my whole talk and it went really well! I feel like I might ramble a little bit when I give talks like this, but I'm sure I'll improve as I keep trying it. Kinda crazy part of Sunday... After Sacrament Meeting, I started to feel kinda weird. My stomach kinda hurt all throughout Sunday School, and then it got really bad in Priesthood. I was pretty much just leaned against the wall trying to pay attention. My whole body was aching and I had a super bad headache. Elder May and Brother Huller gave me a blessing as soon as church was out. We got back to the apartment and I took some medicine, then passed out for about 3 hours. I woke up and all of my joints ached, I had no appetite, etc. That night was really bad, and then I felt a lot better when I woke up Monday morning. I feel completely fine now, but I'm not sure what it was that was going on! It might have been a 24 hour flu or something like that... All I know is that is was not fun at all! Made me appreciate being well.

Yesterday, we finished packing all of our things and made it to our new apartment! It was a bigger deal that we initially thought it was going to be... Our apartment had a lot of stuff in it. We were glad that the Assistants and our Zone Leaders came and helped us out, because it would have taken us a really long time on our own. We are moving right into the middle of DeWitt, and our old apartment was in East Syracuse. The way we found the new apartment was pretty cool. Everything has just worked out perfectly in getting us there. It's quite a bit bigger than our new apartment and has a really cool set-up. We feel really lucky to be here and know that it will definitely help the work progress well in the coming months. It's been amazing to see the Lord's hand in our lives the past 6 weeks, and we'll start to see the fruit from that in upcoming months. I'm way excited!

Things are going great here! We're in the new apartment, better location, and the Blitz is going to be sweet! We did a bunch of math when I was sick... There's approximately 1200 houses in the blitz area, and the average amount of companionships we'll have out at a time is 9, and the amount of time the blitz will be happening is 8 hours. It should be really good. If you could, please please please pray that the weather will be okay, because it's been kinda bad today and yesterday. We really doing want members cancelling on us because of bad weather. Haha
Love you guys! I'm super grateful for the Gospel, and I'm super grateful for you! Do your best, let God do the rest!

-Elder Hussey

P.S. I'm not sure if you guys are aware of the Bible Video project the church was working on last year, but they have finished filming those.... And.... They've starting doing to BoM. SWEET! Watch the first one they have finished here

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