Monday, October 8, 2012


Good morning everybody! What an exciting week!

First off, we got transfer calls this past weekend. Looks like I'm going to................. be spending another transfer in Owego with Elder Baird! Crazy stuff. Elder Baird is consulting with a surgeon this upcoming Thursday and we'll be finding out if he will be getting his gallbladder out sometime soon or not. So we might know what is finally going to happen after this upcoming week! Then, he'll hopefully get that popped out, and after a week or two of nursing him back to full strength, we'll be able to work again! I cannot wait to get working again. But we'll continue to just keep on having faith and do all that we can with these unique situations. Plus, look at all the strange stuff I'm learning from this experience! My future wife will love it! Haha :)

Second off- Wasn't conference sweet!?! I know it's a little bit different as a missionary, but I really enjoyed all of it. A few of my thoughts about it-

1. The missionary age is now 18 for males and 19 for females!?! What the?!? That would mean I would already be a year out here already! Elder Baird and I were shocked. There should be a huge influx of Sister Missionaries in the coming months. My first thoughts were about friends like Jessica who want to come and serve missions, but would have to wait a long time to do it. Now, many of my friends could get out and serve right now! That's exciting!

2. The talks were sweet! By taking notes and going to the church to watch it, I feel like I got a lot more from this session than any previous. I can't wait for the Ensign issue where I'll be able to read them all again.

3. My favorite talks- (Let me apologize beforehand.. My "Quotes" are not exact quotes.. But they're as good as I can remember.)

-President Uchtdorf's Saturday Morning talk about Mortal Life. "Do not wait until we are ready to die, to learn how to live." So true! I've realized that I often miss out on the enjoyment of things in the moment, but then looking back on them realize how great they were. Something to think about..

-Elder Neil L. Andersen's Saturday Afternoon talk- "Do not leave the Church during your trials. Doing so is like leaving the storm cellar during a hurricane!" Boom. That's that. :D

-President Monson's Priesthood Session talk- "We must look at people not as they are, but what they can become." This is something I've been trying to live in my life as a missionary, and I wish I would have done more at home. Also- "Courage is the work we need to hear and hold near to our hearts. Try and try and try again." Good words of advice for everyone about sharing the Gospel and improves the lives we are involved in.

-Elder Jeffrey R. Holland's Sunday Morning talk- Holy cow. That was such a powerful talk! I think he poses a good question to all of us. "Can I always answer the question- Do you love me (Christ)?" I like how he put it- "True love leads to true loyalty." Powerful words!

-President Monson's powerful Sunday Morning talk- "The more we act on the inspiration that the Lord gives to us, the more he will trust us to do his will." That is so true! I think we all receive inspiration much more than we ever realize.. I've made a new goal to try really hard to follow the promptings of the Spirit, even though I sometimes don't really see the relevance. It's a good goal to work on, especially on a mission!

There were many more excellent talks, but those are a few that stuck out in my mind.

4. We had one of our investigators at the Sunday Morning session of Conference. Afterword, the Spirit was really strong. She stated that she had never seen anything like it. The Spirit was so strong and the influence of Christ so strong that she can't see how anyone would have the beliefs that many have against our great Church. Hearing that from her was a huge testimony builder. It's really great to see the opinion of someone who hasn't grown up with hearing conference their whole life.

That was what I got out of conference! I hope you all enjoyed it as well and found some new advice/goals to apply in your life.

The few times that we have made it outside we've seen how beautiful the leaves are in the surrounding areas! I love the fall foliage!

Also, I found an amazing food.. Pizza Pretzels. Seriously, it was good.

Besides that.. The apartment bound missionary life continues! I've loved the letters I've received from you all this past week! Our Ward Mission Leader was kind enough to let us borrow his son's keyboard, so I can now practice up some more hymns and be somewhat competent at playing the Piano. If one of President Monson's greatest life regrets is not sticking with the Piano, I better make sure I don't make the same mistake! I've also been working on the super set of missionary scriptures.. Lets just put it this way. Once it's finished, all other missionaries will envy the setup that I've got going on. I've put a lot of time and effort into it, and it's going to be awesome! Just sayin. :D

That's about all that is new in my life! We will hopefully be finding out what is going to be happening with Elder Baird this week, then the work will continue to progress!

Oh, one more thing- "I'm a Mormon- I know it, I live it, and I LOVE it."

Love you all,

-Elder Mitch Hussey

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