Monday, November 18, 2013


Hey Family!

The weather in Lowville keeps swinging back and forth.. Last week, right after I emailed saying that it was really nice weather, we walked out and it was really stormy. Then that night, it snowed and we woke up to about 2 inches of snow on the ground. Then two days later, the snow was all gone and it was about 50 degrees. Then today, it is raining, cold, and windy. When it's a consistent temperature, I can adjust pretty well. But, the weather has seemed to be getting pretty temperamental all over the world the past few years, so the days of consistent weather might be a thing of the past. I guess that's part of why God created us so that we could adapt!

That sounds like it was fun having the sisters missionaries come over for dinner. Did we ever had the missionaries over to eat when I was growing up? I can't ever really remember any interaction with missionaries. That's one thing I really like about wards outside of Utah. Everyone here knows the missionaries pretty well! Hopefully I'll be able to have interaction with missionaries later in my life! I didn't realize how great the calling I had at college (Ward Mission Leader) was until now.. It'd be way cool to be involved back home!

I don't know when we'll be able to have iPads. It's weird, we've heard tons of different rumors about how the iPads work and everything.. I'm used the the work as it is, so that doesn't bug me, but not knowing the details kinda drives me crazy! We'll get them while I'm still out though. President Wirthlin has said it will happen in the first quarter of 2014. I guess we'll see! And yes, the NYUM missionaries get to go on a Palmyra trip about 2 weeks before they go home.

That's really funny you already saw those pictures on facebook from District Meeting! I wonder how they got up there so quick.. Did the Hammari's post them? And it was pretty funny... I was wearing a yellow tie all through district meeting, then before we took pictures, I ran in and put on the cheese tie as a joke. It took a long time before anyone noticed, and even then, I think only a few of the Elders noticed it. Fun stuff. The camera doing the video wasn't me, but all of the cameras were lined up on the Piano. So it probably got me as I went up to get mine. I wonder who's camera that was... Taking district pictures is always pretty fun though. Gives us a chance to be goofy. I didn't know the outside world would see us acting goofy so quick though.. There's a lesson to be learned there.. :)

So transfer calls is this Saturday! I'm super anxious to find out what is happening... I feel like it would probably be me leaving. However, there is a chance that we'll both be staying. But I kind of have the dreadful feeling that I'll be leaving. It's amazing to see how many good friends I've made in Lowville. I have a lot of people that I'm going to miss a ton if I get transferred. But, if I do, there'll be plenty of new people in my next area that I'll go to. I'm not sure what is happening though. I guess only time will tell! Being transferred the day before Thanksgiving would be kinda a bummer. We'll see!

Things are going really good in Lowville. This past week was great! We taught 15 lessons, which was really great. We still struggle to find new investigators, but the ones that we have are doing good. We have one investigator that had her baptismal interview and is ready for Baptism this Saturday, Nov 23rd, at 4 PM. We're pretty excited for her! She's one of the first that I've been there fully from start to finish with. She's a great lady though, and she asked me to baptize her. It'll be a really good experience! The Lowville Branch continues to grow (slowly) and the work is progressing all over the world. We're lucky to be a part of it! No matter where or how we're involved, it's the same great redeeming work. I know that the Church is true, the Gospel blesses families, and that Christ is our Savior. That's such amazing knowledge to have and I definitely feel the need to share it with everyone I can while I'm out here. I love all of you guys and am so grateful for all that you do.

-Elder Hussey

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