Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Hello Family!

It's crazy to think that it's already daylight saving time... I'm not a huge fan of it though. I must admit, sleeping for one extra hour was probably one of the best gifts I could be given. I feel SO good, just from that one night of getting enough sleep. However, it is now pitch-black by about 5:15 PM, and it gets light at about 6 AM. Ironically, I'd prefer that it stay dark in the morning and then stay light until about 7 or 8, but I guess we'll just have to adjust. It's kinda creepy when 2 guys dressed in black knock on your door when it's dark outside, but it makes it really easy for us to tell who is home and who isn't. So I guess there's pros and cons to every situation.

It's almost winter! It looks really nice outside right now, but it's probably somewhere around 35 degrees. And it doesn't really get above that. We've seen snow a few times falling, but it has yet to stick on the ground yet. I guess we'll see! I have my winter coat, boots, and gloves ready to go for when it does hit!

Halloween was pretty uneventful for us out here. We had a few lessons early in the day, then when Trick-or-Treaters were on the streets we went to a members house for dinner and watched the church movie, "The Testaments". We put Mormon.org cards with a note that said "Happy Halloween! :D " on the stuff they were giving out, but they probably only had 6 people total come to their house. That was odd, considering they live in Main Street... But it was really cold and rainy on Halloween, so that probably discouraged most parents from going out.

So I'm sure I've mentioned it before, but one of the highlights of Lowville has been the CHEESE. It's delicious. We go and get fresh cheese curd every couple of weeks, which I have really grown to love. Yum. But this past week, we decided to finally get a picture with "Lady LeWinDa Milkzalot", the biggest Dairy Cow in New York. Oh yeah!

Pretty wild, huh? Then, I couldn't help it... I bought a new tie. Just to warn you though, it's pretty "cheesy". Ha. Haha. :)

It's a foam cheese tie! It is pretty sweet. It smells like cheese even! (Disclaimer- I'm not sure if that is intentional, or if it's just because it was sitting in a cheese store so long..) But it's pretty cool! I've wanted to have some sort of souvenir from each area that I've served in. I have some rock called "slag" from Owego, pictures in the ghetto by the graffiti from Syracuse, some really old sweet ties from a catholic thrift shop in Massena, and now a cheese tie for Lowville. I don't know what I'll ever do with it besides look at it with nostalgia, but it was too cool to resist. :)

I love fast and testimony meeting. It's sometimes scary when you don't know what people are going to say, but it always ends up going well. We had one of our investigators get up in sacrament yesterday to bear her testimony, and it was great! We could tell she was scared, but she was so sincere and sweet as she did it. It was a good moment to remember. We also had another investigator come to church for the first time yesterday named Jerry. He's a good guy! We've been meeting with him for a while, so it's great he finally came. He seemed to enjoy it a lot and we're actually going to play pool at his house later this afternoon! That'll be sweet.

Things are continuing to go well here in Lowville. We now have about 10 investigators, which is a huge relief. Things were kinda stressful when we only had one. We're just continuing to work hard and be diligent and obedient, and we're seeing blessings come as we do so. We taught 13 lessons this past week, which was the most I've taught in quite a while, and it looks like we're going to have another good week.

We have an awesome potential that is dating a less-active member of another congregation named Jay. He's the guy that we've helped plant trees for. Anyway, he makes super good food for us when we come over, and he invited us over for Thanksgiving. We were super excited for that, until we realized something... Transfers is the day before Thanksgiving. :( Dang! Now I'm super worried about what is going to happen at transfers, even though it's still about a month away! It's crazy to think about how fast time goes by.. But, nothing I can do about that! "Trust in the Lord with all thy heart, and lean not unto think own understanding. In all thy ways, acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths." Proverbs 3:5-6  Or, in other words, "Do your best and let God do the rest". :)

Things are good for us out here! I continue to learn about how simple the Gospel is, but what a profound impact it can have on our lives. I'm recognizing more and more things that I can work on and change to be more like the Savior, but luckily, I'm being blessed with patience to keep working with myself and not get fed up. Repentance is sweet!

Love you all,
-Elder Hussey

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