Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Good morning family!
Sorry I didn't email yesterday.  I forgot to mention last week that we had a general authority coming to do a mission tour, and that P-Day would be on Tuesday because of that.  So, P-Day is today!

Things are going good in Lowville.  We had a fairly good week with relatively good weather. There was one nearby town that got about 5 inches of snow, but luckily we didn't get hit by that storm.. We can still see the ground as of now, but almost everyone says that Lowville always gets some snow before Halloween.  I guess we'll see!

 I was reminded me a little bit about something someone said in this last sessions of conference.  I think it was Elder Holland saying if we don't take time to be well, we'll end up taking time to be sick.  Sometimes we have so much on our plates it seems like we don't have any time to slow down and let ourselves catch up to everything that's going on, but that's the time we definitely need a break from the world to catch up.   As a missionary, it's kind of easy to see that because we don't have the craziness of the temporal world throwing hurdles at us, but it applies spiritually as well.  Take time for the things that matter most!
So this week I got something in the mail that made my entire day/month/year!  If it was only for this one letter, I would consider my mission a success.  Here it is-

This is from a lady I taught a year ago in Owego

How great is that?  I loved it.  That really shows me how great serving a mission is. I love being a missionary!  :D  I also received a great letter from Dad that I really appreciate, as well as some pictures from Heather and Nick of Maylee.  Thanks for all that you guys do.  You're all great!

Oh, so I almost forgot to tell you about the General Authority coming yesterday! His name was Elder Bruce D. Porter of the First Quorum of the 70. He and his wife were great! They taught us about the simple doctrine of the Gospel of Christ- Faith, Repentance, Baptism, The Gift of the Holy Ghost, and Enduring to the End. What I really got from it was the daily effort we should put into the Gospel. We should daily be working to build our faith. When our faith increases, our desire to repent will increase. As we repent, we are living up to our covenants we have made with God, and are worthy to receive the Spirit in our daily lives. This is how true peace is found in a world full of chaos and confusion.  I know that this is true and I'm grateful for a gentle reminder on what I can do every day to follow God's plan more fully in my life.  The Gospel is great!

Anyway, I don't really have anything else too exciting to talk about. One of our investigators is doing really well.  She's learning a lot and progressing well.  We're trying to find more investigators, and that's been the biggest challenge lately.  So pray that we'll be lead to those that are prepared, and also that they'll be led to us!

Love you guys!

-Elder Hussey

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