Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Good morning Family!

It's weird to think about the time difference back home.. It was really apparent when we were at the Priesthood Session of Stake Conference and we didn't even get out until 10 PM. In Lowville, it's definitely getting chilly at night and in the mornings, and occasionally it'll rain lightly and I expect snow to be falling. Winter will be hear before we know and I'll have to get out my winter coat and boots.

The missionary work is going good here lately. We picked up some new investigators this past week that I am really excited about. It's sad that things seem to sometimes get difficult for people when they start to work on the spirituality though. I just wish that people could see how much better their life could be in 10 or 20 years if they joined the church. Everybody in the entire world has SO much potential, but without the Gospel to push them to be better (repent) and the faith to keep going, we can sometimes be stagnant and progression stops. That's no good! Living the Gospel isn't easy, but it's definitely worth it!

We've been doing a lot of service lately, which is great! It's funny,we woke up early to go help a guy dig a bunch of old dead plants out of his yard, and I had a funny thought. I was thinking about how nice it was to be outside in the yard, doing manual labor that wasn't stressful or require too much mental strain, etc, then I had a flashback of working in the yard back home and my difference in attitude.... :S I'm learning so much on my mission, and most of it isn't anything I would have ever expected! I've learned to appreciate nature, doing yard work, and the importance of cleaning stuff regularly rather than once it gets bad. I've also learned to eat tomatoes and onions, and I even ate some Salsa last week! It wasn't my favorite thing ever, but I still enjoyed it..

 There's a lot of people that like doing bow hunting up in Lowville area. We were able to shoot a few arrows with a member's compound bow a few weeks ago, and it was really fun. That's something I could really get into when I get home! I would have never imagined myself saying that before the mission. Crazy stuff!

I still love being out here! The mission is great! Elder Simmonds went home this past week, which was really sad. (Elder) Jeremy Baird and (Elder) Matt Simmonds are back home and I miss them a lot!  Elder Gasetoto goes home this next transfer. It's crazy! It's just so weird to think that I won't see my former companions out here in the mission field again. But it's really cool to see how many new friendships have come into my life because of the mission. To think that I probably would have never met all of these friends if I had gone to another mission or had served somewhere else is weird. I'm really grateful to be in New York and I know that I'm meant to be in Lowville at this time! The Church is definitely true! :)

I love all of you guys though. You're in my prayers and I appreciate all that you do for me. Keep up the good work back home!


-Elder Hussey

P.S.  There was a rain storm yesterday, and after the sun broke through the clouds, there was an amazing rainbow! We could see it, start to finish. Pretty awesome.

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