Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Hey Family!

Merry (almost) Christmas! It sure is an exciting time of the year, huh? I know one thing for sure.... Walmart is PACKED! You should have seen the lines this morning as we were doing our shopping. It was ridiculous! But it was really cool to see how happy people were when we were just nice and smiled.

Things are going really good this week! We did get a little bit more snow, then it got really cold, then it warmed up to about 45 degrees for 2 days, and then the weather got really crazy! We had an ice storm hit the county above us, and we got a little bit of it as well. That was pretty weird to see! Luckily, the roads were really clear and we didn't have to cancel church again.. Although there were only about 10 of us there. It was one of the best days at church we've had though! We were asked to fill in for the Christmas Program (because most people involved in it weren't able to make it to Church), so I gave a talk about the Nativity and how we can relate the lessons from it to our life. I talked about studying scriptures, being humble, following the prophets, etc. It went really well considering I did absolutely no preparing for it.

The ice storm had a lot of people worried this week. In 1997, there was a really bad ice storm that hit this area and took the power out for about 2 weeks.. Luckily, it was only 24 hours for most people this time. It was really weird seeing everything coated with ice though. As you opened the car door, there would be a "POP" and the ice would explode off of the door. Walking on frozen grass was a little unique as well!

The mission is pretty fun during the Holidays. People are all really happy and excited about Christmas, and it's really easy to talk with people about Christmas. The thing that has really struck me this year is how many people feel that Christmas is too commercialized! Several people I've talked to have shared their frustration with the Christmas Season being turned into a money making season. Hopefully everyone will start to feel this way, then start to act accordingly to make a difference! I've really enjoyed working towards Christmas without being focused on gifts, spending money, etc. I was really blessed to be here in Lowville and have a unique idea for a gift to send to you guys! Make sure you microwave it- It's much better microwaved. :)

I'm excited to see all of you on Christmas! It will be really exciting to see Maylee in real (kinda) life, as well as share part of Christmas day with you guys. Because we're allowed to call for 30 minutes and then Skype for 30, I'll probably end up calling you at the start so we can get Skype all set up/figured out.

This Christmas I've learned a lot about service and how simple it is to spread Christmas Joy! On our way into Walmart this morning, I saw a lady get done unloading her car and she was about to walk the cart to the storage place, so I offered to take it for her. She got a big smile on her face and said thanks, and I responded by saying "Merry Christmas!" It was really easy for me, and it really seemed to brighten up her day. If only we could spread Christmas Cheer all year round, huh? Try to make sure that we aren't just extra nice and happy during Christmas, but do it throughout the whole year. That's been one of my thoughts and a goal I'll try to accomplish this upcoming year.

Well, I hope that Christmas Eve is great for all of you. Looking back, I really appreciate doing the Christmas Caroling, watching Christmas Story with everyone, and then reading through the Nativity. I love all of you guys.


 -Elder Hussey

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