Thursday, February 6, 2014


Hey Family!

First things first, sorry about being late to email.. The Elders we were getting the car from ended up getting delayed, so we were only able to do our shopping before we had appointments to get to... Kinda a hassle, but it all works out in the end. So here we are, emailing on Tuesday.

This past week went by really well. I can't think of anything super exciting that happened, but things are progressing fairly well. Last Monday, after a dinner appointment with a family, we asked the Dad if he would be willing to go to a potential's home with us after Family Home Evening. He went with us, and the couple let us right in! We taught them the Restoration and had a great discussion with them. I don't know if they're going to continue in the lessons at this point, but it was a great experience and the Spirit was definitely there. It must have made an impact on the member too, because he got up in Testimony Meeting and bore his testimony about that experience. It was really cool!

Remember how that the guy at Red Lobster sent me into the MTC with a bag full of their cheese biscuits? Well, look what Elder May and I found at Walmart!

They were pretty good! And the best part... They were easy to make! YUM.

Elder May and I also made a poster for an upcoming church activity. Here's a picture of it when we put it up at Church.

It is fun to be involved in Church activities.It makes it exciting to be involved in what's happening. When the members get excited and everyone works together, the Church can do some pretty sweet things. It's only difficult when it's only one or two people trying to head a complicated project.

The Ward Blitz was announced at church. People seemed receptive and I think we'll have pretty good Ward support. Here's the concept for the Blitz- We have selected an area near the new apartment we may be moving into. On Feb 27th and 28th, we will have ~10 Missionaries meet up at a central location, where we will also have 10 members meet us. We will then each go with a member, then work a small specific area (mainly tracting) for a 2 hour block. After the 2 hours, we will meet up at the central location, where the member will be free to leave, and the missionary will get another member and go back out working. This provides and opportunity to work an area fairly quickly during the "prime time" hours of the day, namely 4PM-8PM. The Syracuse Ward saw some great success come from it when they did it a few months ago, and we feel that this is inspired to give a boost to the work, especially with us moving to that specific area.

This past Preparation Day I was able to finally get caught up in my journal... I wish I could go back to the start of my mission and develop better journal keeping habits.. But I have set some good goals and am determined to stay caught up through the rest of my mission! I'm making sure I record a lot more of what I learn and spiritual experiences that happen, as well as all of the funny stuff that happens. It should be good and will help me out a lot when I'm emailing home.. So my emails should start to improve in the next few weeks as well. Just letting you guys know!

 I'm looking forward to Spring already... :) Things here are going well. The work has been a little different lately, but it's still been good. We're seeing miracles happen and I know that the Lord is guiding us. We'll just keep on doing our best and it will all work out!

I love you guys. Thanks for being such an awesome family.

-Elder Hussey

P.S. Syracuse University Basketball is on a roll! I think their W/L is 19/0 right now.. The town was going crazy last time they played! Also, we heard about how sad the Superbowl was this year... I can't believe Denver got beat so bad! It's funny to hear about all of that stuff when I'm out here.. It all seems so silly, but fun at the same time.

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