Monday, January 27, 2014


Good afternoon family!

It is so good to hear from you guys! I just got a really nice letter from Dad in the mail this morning.. I really will start getting letters sent again in the near future.. Preparation days have been a little crazy lately.. Falling behind is no fun.

So to answer a few questions and as a few things before I get into how our week went..

- Last week we found one public library that was still open. That was kind of a relief for us, because we had Zone Conference the next day, followed by an exchange, so we didn't know what was going to happen with emailing..
- Fayetteville is the Ward that we serve in, but the Sister Missionaries are missionaries in Fayetteville. We (the Elders) cover an area called DeWitt. DeWitt is actually about 5 minutes away from the Syracuse Chapel, but about 20 minutes away from the Fayetteville Chapel. Crazy Ward Boundaries!

We had a really good week here in DeWitt. Last P-Day was pretty fun. Elder May and I went "Thrift Shoppin"and got some cool stuff. Elder May got shoes for $2.50, and I bought a ceramic bowl for my Oatmeal... I feel like I've aged a lot on my mission. Haha! We also went to a men's clothing store that was having a sale. Unfortunately, the ties were still around $40, but we found some really warm, sweet hats on clearance for $5.00. Here's our picture modeling our victories from last week.

(I'll try to send more normal pictures next week.. Sorry Mom!)

Just because I've been on my mission for 18 months and have had a lot of cool experiences doesn't mean I don't make dumb (funny) mistakes every once in a while... In fact, it happens more often than it should. On Tuesday of last week, we had Syracuse Zone Conference.. We got everything ready and had a slight delay getting off because of bad weather, but got on the road and were excited to see everyone there.. About 10 minutes into the drive, Elder May commented saying "This is a really odd way to get to Liverpool..." to which I responded- "Wait.... Liverpool?" I had accidentally thought we were going to the Syracuse Chapel instead of Liverpool. But, it all ended up being okay. We made it there on time.. Almost. :) So that was a pretty funny moment.

After Zone Conference, we started an exchange with the Cortland Elders. I took over in DeWitt (that was quick!) and was with Elder Arbuckle. That was exciting, because about 10 months ago when I was in Massena, he came to Massena on his first exchange. It was cool to see the changes in him in the past 10 months and get to see what would happen when I took over the area. We've really continued to do a lot of finding this past week, and have yet to find any new investigators. We did have a guy we tracted into yesterday say that we could come back tonight, so we'll hopefully be able to start teaching him. We've also made contact with a few less-active members of the Church that seem receptive to us coming back and helping them return to the Church. Things are moving along, and I'm developing patience while we're at it. Life's good.

I'm continuously amazed at the way that the Lord's work is accomplished. I know that he is active in our lives if we are willing to slow down and seek him. I've seen (even as a missionary) how busy life can be, and how the small and simple things can start to slide downhill when life gets busy or times get tough. Luckily, I've seen that though, which allows me to make changes, make a difference, and make sure that doesn't hold me back. I'm grateful that we get to utilize the Atonement and repent, and I know that the Lord can change us and help us progress, if we are humble enough to let him do that. I love being a missionary and I love all of you guys. Stay warm and stay safe.

Have a great week!

-Elder Hussey

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