Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Hey Family!

SO.......................... Somebody is getting transferred.. Just letting you know. But, for anticipation, I'll be putting that information later in the email. :)

Mom asked what missionaries do on New Years. This New Years was pretty exciting! We're supposed to try and get appointments, but if we couldn't get anything set up, we were supposed to go inside when it got dark. We had a fantastic dinner with a few members at the Furr's home and then headed to Carthage. Because we were having an exchange with the Carthage Elders, we planned with them for the next day, then spent the night there. It was pretty fun!

The next day, Jan 1st, we had District Meeting! We had a really good training on the Spirit. We talked a lot about how we can have spiritual experiences-
1. Individually,
2. As a companionship
3. In missionary experiences

It went really well and a lot of the comments people made really opened my eyes up. If we can sanctify ourselves to the point that we can have frequent spiritual experiences, our Faith will continue to increase. If we're having spiritual experiences with our companion, then the relationship will strengthen and have a solid foundation. The importance of being prepared so that we can feel the Spirit, then recognizing it and talking about that with others gives us the opportunity to all help each other grow spiritually. It's vital in any relationship that the Spirit is involved if we want it to be Eternal, because temporal things fade away and don't last into the eternities.
After District Meeting, we all took pictures together. It was really good, but weird, because we knew that there were going to be a lot of changes happening with Transfers. We had all gotten pretty close to each other through the past few months and it's hard to see the District split up. But, it'll be good. Everyone will have great experiences and continue to learn and grow!

So, as you may have guessed, I'm getting transferred. I'm going to Dewitt, which is a part of the Fayetteville Ward. It's right next to Syracuse in the nice suburban area! My new companion will be
Elder May.  I don't know much about him, but I've heard he's really fun and fun to serve with. That will be really cool, because I might get to go on exchange in Syracuse! That would be so cool! I am sad to be leaving Lowville, but I feel good about going to Fayetteville. It's going to be an adjustment getting used to serving in a Ward again, but I'll be able to learn a lot from it as well. Elder Sedgwick is staying in Lowville and will be joined by Elder Dutson. I don't know anything about Elder Dutson, but I know that this will be good for Elder Sedgwick. He has done so well and is constantly impressing me, so I know he will work hard and see a lot of miracles happen.
During our exchange in Carthage, it started to get REALLY cold. Like, the high temperature for the day was -4. The windchill temperature was -30. It was SO COLD! We just wrapped up and made sure we weren't too exposed to the wind and it was okay. Luckily, we didn't have to do much tracting. Dewitt only has a car half of the week, so I might need to buy some more thermals.. We'll figure that out when I get there I guess! (Just FYI, I might be buying some at Walmart today when we go shopping.) The weather right now is windy, and it is raining and snowing at the same time... Not sure how that happens, but it's totally happening! We're supposedly going to be hit with a few more feet of snow this week before transfers. Should be an adventure!

It's always kinda weird when transfers come up to see what happens. Most of the time, it isn't what I expect, but I know that President Wirthlin is inspired and that the Lord is in control. I'm excited for the upcoming transfer and I know that the work will continue to move forward! I know that good things will happen as we just do our best and let the Lord take care of the rest!

I love you guys! Thanks for all that you do. Take care and stay warm.

-Elder Hussey

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