Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Good morning Family!

So this past week was probably one of the best I've had on my mission. Here's what happened.

Tuesday- After a long day of work, Elder Wendt and I went to our bus stop to catch the bus back home.... We were there 10 minutes early, but it never showed up. After about 30 minutes waiting, our Ward Mission Leader (Brother Horn) came to save the day and gave us a ride to his home for dinner.

Waiting at the Bus Stop

On Wednesday, we did Service cleaning up an old historic cemetery as a District. Now this cemetery was pretty old.. Like, people who fought in the Revolutionary War were buried there. Because most of the tombstones go really far back, it was kinda in rough condition. We all worked hard, had fun, and cleared out as much garbage as we could! We worked at it for about 2.5 hours. Here's some pictures to show the results-

It was a lot of fun! We all enjoyed getting to know each other better and enjoyed Pizza afterward. We then went to the Church and had a great District Meeting, followed by District Pictures!

I'm not sure why... But I have a really goofy smile in this picture. I was probably up to something...... :)

Thursday flew by, then on Friday we headed to Utica for Return and Report, the new missionary follow-up training. That was really good. It was great to see a lot of missionaries I've gotten to know over the past year and get excited for the upcoming transfer. President Wirthlin pulled me in his office and we talked about the upcoming transfer and what was going to happen. He gave me a heads up that I'd be finishing in DeWitt and that I'd be with Elder Wendt, then he told me not to tell anyone else. Haha! President Wirthlin is great.

Saturday, we received transfer calls! Elder Wendt and I are staying the same, but almost every other companionship in THE ZONE is changing. Every companionship in my District is switching.. That wild. It will make for an exciting transfer! Elder Rebman, who was in the same district when I was in Massena, is coming to be in my district! I'm way pumped to get to work with him. It will be AWESOME!
Sister Susan Grant's baptism was great. She was beaming and looked SO happy! I am so grateful that I got to be a part of it.

A joke with most missionaries is that the week of a baptism, anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. We showed up to set up for the baptism on Saturday to find out that they had refinished the gym floor in the Church.... And all of the tables and chairs from the gym were in the Chapel and hallway. We shoved them in any classroom we could fit them into to de-clog the hallways, got the font filling, printed the baptism programs and got it all set just barely in time for everything to start. The service went perfect! The talks were good, music was great, etc... But wouldn't you know... I said the baptismal prayer wrong the first time. I was so focused on doing everything right that I mixed up a few of the words! Luckily, I caught it before I put her under the water, so it was simple to start over and do it right. Luckily, God allows do-overs in life. The rest of the baptism was great.

What a memorable 21st Birthday! I loved it.

Side-note: When we went to get my birthday dinner on Saturday, we told the Waitress that it was my birthday. After she found out I was turning 21, she asked us all what we'd like to drink. When I said lemonade, she asked "Would you like your lemonade with alcohol, or without?" Hahaha that makes me feel old. I don't think I'd ever be responsible enough to drink. So, we turned down the alcohol and had a great dinner. It was fantastic!

Sunday- Talking with the family yesterday was excellent. I love you all and appreciate you so much. Getting near the end of the mission, my perspective is changing, but I'm still excited to be here. I am excited to be out here, but I'm also very excited to see all of you here pretty soon.

Now, to keep from getting trunky, I'll put the necessary Prophet quotes-
"Forget yourself and go to work" President Hinckly
"Lengthen your stride" President Kimball
"Keep Keepin on" ?

Love you all! Keep working hard.
-Elder Hussey

Off to switch the car!

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