Monday, June 23, 2014


Wow.... This is weird.

I cannot believe it's been two years since I left all of you back in Utah. It seems like the time went by really quickly, but it also feels like I've been a missionary forever. I have absolutely loved my mission and will forever be grateful that I served, but I'm excited for my "Graduation".

As you were all wisely counseling me, we have been working really hard this week. Even though today is Preparation Day, we had one lesson at 10AM, another at 4:30, and one at 8:00 tonight. Then tomorrow, we have one early in the morning, as well as 2 in the evening... Finding time to get everything packed might be a little tricky, but we'll get it all figured out. Things are really going good in the Fayetteville area and I feel good about everything I've been a part of on my mission. Nobody ever looks back at the mission and wishes they didn't work so hard while they were out here, and I can say the same.

Getting to go to the temple again was amazing. I was reminded of so much and am very grateful for the reminders of some of the things I learned. Loved it! Seeing all of the other missionaries and other Church history sites was amazing. I felt the Spirit in the Sacred Grove, even though we were all swarmed by mosquitoes... I got bit about 20 times.. The Temple Trip was fantastic though.

This past week, we did our District Meeting on Lesson's Learned on the mission. We watched a talk called "Life's Lessons Learned" by Elder Wirthlin, then took a while to think of the experiences we've had on our missions, and the lessons we've learned. Afterward, we had a form of testimony meeting where we all shared one or two things we had learned that will benefit us the rest of our lives. It was really good to reflect and see what the Lord has taught me as I've been serving. I've grown quite a bit over the last two years, although I'm still 5 ft 5. :)

I went on exchange to Syracuse with Elder Butterfield this past week too. That was great! Elder Butterfield came out and started his mission in DeWitt when I was in Syracuse. I love the guy. We had some great teaching experiences together and I got to see a few people from the Syracuse Ward I hadn't seen for a while. That was great! Then, all weekend, Elder Wendt and I have been hitting it hard trying to see everyone we could and get things set up for Elder Wendt and Elder Jackson later this week! Things are going pretty good and they should be able to manage pretty easily. Like I said earlier, we have a few lessons set up for today and tomorrow (5) and need to get laundry and packing done.. We're going to be really busy. However, I am determined to get out there and try a few more people while I'm out here. I'll still be able to do missionary work and help teach when I get back home, but I won't be doing any more tracting. That actually sounds kinda nice. ;)

Thanks for all of your love and support in getting me out here on a mission. I'm so grateful for Dad, Tyler, Grandma & Grandpa Hussey, and Nick's examples in serving missions. I'm grateful for great parents that put up with me throughout the years, and all the love and support Heather has given me. I don't know how I would have done this without all of you. I'm glad that I've been able to wear a tag that says "Elder Hussey", as well as the Lord Jesus Christ's name on it.

This work is true! The Fullness of the Gospel has been Restored, additional scripture has come forth, and the Heavens are open! God is our Heavenly Father and Jesus is the Christ, and they have provided the Plan of Salvation so that we can live with our families forever in eternal happiness. These things I know to be true.
See you soon,
-Elder Hussey

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