Thursday, June 5, 2014


Dear Family,

It does sound like you guys are all busy busy! Life seems so complicated... As a missionary, it's kinda weird because we don't have to worry about the temporal things very much... Just as long as we have food and can get our laundry done, we're happy. Then, when coming back to the real world, we no longer have a credit-card that refills with money every month, the bills for the car and apartment aren't magically covered, etc. I'm sure it's a little bit of an adjustment. It all should be really exciting! Glad you are all doing well.. I feel extrememly blessed that everyone in the family has done well since I've been out. I've seen some missionaries that get really worried about family while they're out. Thank you all for helping me out in that way!

This past week was really a good week. Let me think back on what happened...
On Monday, we went to dinner with the Vickery family. They are really great! They actually remind me of our family quite a bit.. Bro and Sis Vickery both remind me of Mom and Dad, then they have 3 kids that are spaced out about the same age difference as us (although they have 3 daughters instead). As we were riding with Bro Vickery to dinner, he and I talked about classic cars, current sports cars, restoring vehicles, etc. Bro Vickery works for a company that paints cars, so he travels around New York working on Hot Rods and the likes. Suprisingly, I've taken a liking to cars since I've been out here... If Dad is going to test-drive any cars in the near future, he should take a Mercedes E-350 out for a spin.. There was one parked at the supermarket we go to and I was kind drooling over it.. Luckily it didn't get to the point of coveting.

Tuesday- We had a Zone Training Meeting in Liverpool. Elder Butterfield is still one of our Zone Leaders and I love getting to work and learn with him. He's great! I still remember his first morning in the field when Elder Simmonds and I had to take him and his trainer shopping... Time flies! One of the Sisters, Sister Christensen said something very profound during a testimony meeting after the training- "Be grateful for our imperfections, for they provide us with opportunities to come to know Christ." I've come to know that is true as I've been a missionary.

Wednesday- I was on exchange in Cortland for 2 days. The most exciting part of this was feeding baby squirrels with a bottle! Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of me doing it. More unfortunately for Elder Moore, the baby squirrel he was feeding... Made a mess on him afterward. Oops! It was pretty memorable though! We also did a Book of Mormon Class with the Ward while I was there.

Thursday- Ordered a new phone from Sprint! Our current phone is having issues... There's a short on it, so it randomly restarts and causes trouble for us. We finally decided we were going to fix the problem, so I got to talk to a lady named Maria troubleshooting the phone for a while before they decided to send us a new one. Exciting stuff!

Saturday- Went to a small parade in Minoa (a Duchesne sized town) with some members and went to a fair afterward to get some burgers. It was kind of like the carnival that comes to Roosevelt every year. It reminded me of home... Haha
Sunday! Awesome day. We had a baptism!
That was pretty exciting. Their family is great! The kids were just adopted by the Ward family, so we have been teaching them and getting them ready for baptism since I got here in DeWitt! Teaching kids is definitely a new experience for me. The baptism went really well and they had me do a talk on the Gift of the Holy Ghost! I prepared a little bit before hand, but gave the talk "off the cuff". Hopefully this doesn't sound prideful, but I feel like I'm getting to be a competent speaker, and I hardly ever have anything that I'm reading from. It's fun!
That was our week here in New York! The weather has been BEAUTIFUL, it's not humid yet, and the work is all going well. I'm glad that I get to be out here! This upcoming month is going to be fantastic.
Love you all,
Elder Hussey

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