Monday, September 24, 2012


This past week has definitely been an adventure.  Most of it was spent in the apartment. While a week of studying scriptures, napping, and watching LDS Videos might sound like a nice vacation, it's starting to make me really anxious to get back out working. When we were working hard every day, the weeks seemed to fly by and I couldn't believe time was going by so quickly. However, this past week went by pretty slowly.
As missionaries, we have a tiny little DVD player in our apartment. This is normally used for training videos, but when a missionary is sick (or it's P-Day) we have permission to watch church published movies. Some, like "The Testaments", are really good and entertaining to watch... But many of the videos published by the Church or BYU before the 2000's are extremely funny to watch.  Movies used to be super cheesy! But, it's a nice way to take our minds off of things as we can't get out and work as much.
I was lucky enough to get out and work with our Zone Leaders from Elmira and a few ward members this past week, which was REALLY nice. I've missed going and teaching people A LOT. The way that worked is we would get a missionary or ward member to stay in the apartment with Elder Baird while another went out teaching with me. As weird as this may sound, even tracting was fun to do this week!
In regards to that, I have a funny story about tracting from this week. One of my Zone Leaders, Elder Syrette, was in West Corners (Yes, there is a town called West Corners... Crazy New York!) with me for an appointment. We decided to get there a little early and tract the surrounding area. On one house we knocked, the main door was open, but they had a screen door that we could see through. As soon as Elder Syrette knocked, a fairly big rottweiler ran to the door and started staring him down. Now, we deal with a lot of dogs out here, but this one was slightly concerning to me because it wasn't barking... It was just starting at him. We talked to the people (who were pretty nice) and started walking away from the house. We heard something and looked back and saw that the dog had gotten into the backyard and was trying to jump their 4 ft fence to try and eat Elder Syrette. Luckily, the fence was too tall for the dog to clear, but we got away from that house in quite a hurry. I thought that was pretty funny!

Besides that, nothing too exciting happened this previous week. I'm taking Elder Baird to the doctor tomorrow, so hopefully they're able to figure something out for him. Today we'll be stuck in the apartment again, so hopefully we'll be able to get out shopping sometime soon. And that's really cool to hear about the Brigham City Temple Dedication! I've heard from quite a few of you back home about going through the open house. Makes me miss the temple even more! I can't wait to get to go again at the end of my mission. So much stuff I want to learn from it! But things here should improve soon as we get out and get working more often. The advice I got was right- "If you work hard, it'll be the quickest 2 years of your life, but if you slack off, it'll be the longest 2." Not that we're slacking off, but I've found the truth in that statement.

Also, I have a few friends leaving on Missions soon! Congrats to Adam! It's exciting stuff. I got a letter from him the other day, but I'll need to get his mission address from someone before I can write him back. He forget to tell it to me. But I hope that goes well for him and he enjoys the MTC. The MTC really was a blast! It's fun to look back on the good times we had there. So good luck to Adam as he leaves, and also TJ as he is leaving soon. And that's sweet to hear that got his call! I'm pumped for him as well! And Ben is back from his mission? Holy cow! That's super weird! Exciting time of life!
I hope things are going well for all of you back home. We're hanging in out here and things will quickly begin to improve as Elder Baird gets better. Thanks for all of the contact, love, and support you send this way! We really appreciate it all.

'Til next week,

Elder Mitch Hussey

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