Monday, September 3, 2012


Hope everyone is having a good Labor Day!
We've had a LOT of people talking politics with us lately.... A few people asking questions about our thoughts on Mitt Romney and a few others asking us questions about the TV Special about Mormons that was on a week or so ago. One lady was asking me if we dress different when we go home.  She was thinking more like Amish or something, but we were able to clear that up pretty quick. Some people must be trying to attack Mitt Romney by bringing up Warren Jeffs as well, so we've had a few opportunities to clear up misunderstandings there. I just wish people would realize it's not a big deal to ask us questions about our church. We're not that different and love to clear up misconceptions.

So I had a small miracle happen this past week..
Elder Baird and I went to a Wedding Reception for a family in our ward for a few minutes, and while we were there, a lady from the ward came up to us, looked at my name-tag then handed me a letter from home. It was addressed the correct way to the mission office, but instead of putting Whitesboro (where the mission office is) on the address, it had Owego. So the letter came here to Owego and went into PO Box 149 which is the correct box # in Whitesboro, not Owego.  Here that PO box is the local newspaper's box.  As lucky as I am, a member of our ward works for the "Owego Pennysaver Newspaper", and collects the mail in the mornings. She noticed one was addressed to Elder Hussey so was able to get it to me.  It's cool to see little miracles that happen in our daily lives! If it had been any other PO box, I probably wouldn't have ever received that letter! The Lord is definitely looking out for all of his missionaries.

This past week was really good. We had some super spiritual lessons with a few investigators.. There should be a baptism or two in the near future! We had a few investigators come to church yesterday, and it was an AWESOME fast Sunday! It seemed like everyone's testimonies were exactly what our investigators needed to hear. As a missionary, it's amazing to see how much the member's testimonies and participation in church services really help. Our investigators are really feeling like they are a part of the ward and love attending the church service.

Another thing that has been really great lately is getting to know our ward here in Owego better. A lot of members have been graciously inviting us over to eat with them, and I've really enjoyed getting to know them all. We've had some really great lessons and some super good food meeting with the members and I love that opportunity! It made me think about the times we had the Missionaries come and eat with us in the Dining Hall at SUU freshman year.. Fun!

Speaking of College, holy cow! It's crazy to think that everyone back at home is starting school again! I hope everything goes well with school in the upcoming year.  Also, give my best wishes to (almost) Elder Brown! I'm really excited for him! I can't believe he's going in the MTC!! It's a crazy fun experience like nothing else. I know he'll do good! Also to TJ, Adam, and Keith who are going to be leaving soon as well, my words of advice- Don't pack everything the night before you go in the MTC! Hahaha

One last funny experience from this week before I need to go- my companion has been a little sick lately, so he went to the bathroom to get the thermometer. I heard a little clatter and him saying "shoot... I broke it.."  He had accidentally dropped our thermometer, and it wouldn't turn on... As we assessed the casualty, I got an idea... "If dropping it broke it, dropping it again might fix it!" So I picked it up, dropped it on the ground, and it worked again! We got a good laugh out of that.

Things in Owego are progressing well! I think I have the perfect missionary setup for marking/tabbing scriptures, so when I finish it this week I'll send pictures of it so future missionaries can use it.

I hope everything back in Utah is going great! I love getting to hear from you guys, and I'm very sorry if I'm slow to respond to letters. P-Days are kinda crazy, but I promise, if you write me, you will get a letter back from me!... Eventually. :D

Thanks for all you guys do! Continue the good work you're all doing out West!

Love you!

-Elder Mitch Hussey

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