Monday, November 12, 2012


Hello Family!
Happy Veterans day yesterday! We actually are working with 3 or 4 different veterans, and the sacrifices that they have made in their lives in order to protect our country is amazing. I really appreciate what they have done for all of us, and the lasting effects that it has had on their lives. It definitely isn't something that is easy to go and do.
The weather here in Owego is kinda Bi-Polar! Man, come to think of it, Owego really is just like home! It got really bitter cold last week and even was snowing one day (I'm not looking forward to winter), then it got nice and warm for the past 3 days. We've actually been able to see the sun a few times the past few days! Pretty cool. :) Before we know it though, we'll just wake up and it'll be a freezing winter wonderland. It'll be exciting to see what the snow is like out here in New York. It's crazy to think that people back in Utah are already Snowboarding and Skiing! Tis the season, I guess.. There are already Christmas decorations all over Front Street in Owego, and it's not even the middle of November yet! Pretty funny.

So, I'll answer some questions-

1.Where do go to get on the internet to do your email on Monday?

We are very blessed here in Owego.. Because our building is a Stake Center, we have a Family History center that has 2 computers. We can use it for our emailing on Mondays, then we also have 2 hours each week of " Time". The purpose behind this is to learn how and work, so we can help ward members share things from it with their friends, tell investigators or potentials where they can find answers to their questions, or find answers to our questions/concerns when teaching people. Sometimes, we find good conference addresses as well and use them as lessons with recent converts, less actives, and long time Investigators.

2.How often do you teach lessons?

Once again, I've been very blessed in Owego. This past week, Elder Gasetoto and I had a pretty good week. We taught 15 lessons. Normally, we end up getting 2 or 3 lessons a day. We always have 5 or 6 planned out for each day, but it never quite works out that way. I'd say our average lessons per week here in Owego is ~14 lessons. We don't have enough hours in the day! This past Sunday was pretty exciting though- we got 4 Investigators to attend Church! That's the highest it's been since I've been out here. I keep tellling Elder Gasetoto that we'll get 6 at church one of these weeks... :)

3.Do you think you will be transferred next week?

I'm not quite sure. I have now been in Owego for 4 months, so there is a good possibility that I could get transferred. I'm hoping not, considering transfers is the day before Thanksgiving.. But I'll go/do whatever the Lord wants. However, there is a wildcard on the table.. There is a meeting that I am going to attend in Utica this Wednesday. A few missionaries are being called out for this meeting (about 6 or so) and none of us have ANY idea what it's about.  So there's a slight chance that I could be staying in Owego, and actually training a new missionary! I don't know.. I guess we'll see next week! If I don't email next Monday, that means either Elder Gasetoto or I am being transferred, and P-Day will be on Tuesday.

It's kinda scary! I've grown to love Owego, the ward here, and all of the people we meet with. Many of them are close to baptism, and I worry that I won't get to see them make this amazing step if I'm transferred. But, I shouldn't worry about it. I know I was sent to Owego for a reason, and if my time here is done, I must have accomplished whatever purpose that was.

This should be an exciting week! Keep safe, keep warm, and keep doing all of the good you're doing!

Love you all,

-Elder Mitch Hussey

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