Monday, November 5, 2012


Hello everybody! Can you believe it's already November? The time out here in the mission field is just flying by!

This past week was pretty crazy. Everyone here in the Owego area was hit pretty hard by a flood a year ago, so everyone was really worried about Hurricane Sandy. In fact, almost every store was cleaned out of bread and water, and the gas stations had a constant line of cars at them last weekend. Monday night, it was pretty windy here in Owego and it was raining quite a bit. The Susquehanna river is way more full that it is normally because of it. We had an adventure running out in the cold/dark rain and shinning a flashlight on the river to make sure it wasn't going to flood. Then on Tuesday, it was just drizzling rain all day and was overcast. A few people were telling us that the storm was headed straight toward us, but broke apart about 50 miles south of us. We all consider ourselves very lucky here, because many nearby areas got hit really bad by the storm. It's sad hearing about all the devastation in New York City and New Jersey. Hopefully people will all contribute and help out and get things back to normal before too long.

It is starting to get a little chilly on the East Coast! In fact, last night it was snowing in Newark Valley! We came out of one of our investigators houses and it was just blowing around everywhere. Fortunately, it didn't stick and it's a little warmer today.. I'm not quite ready for snow yet. But it will be here pretty soon... Bummer.

This next week should be pretty exciting as well. It's finally elections! A lot of people think that we're out here trying to make people vote for Romney, so I wonder what they'll think when they still see us around in a month or so. But it should be exciting to hear about it. We're hoping some ward members here will let us know who wins... It's tough never being able to hear the news!

Also, I believe Elder Baird may have gotten surgery last week. If so, that's fantastic! I hope he recovers quickly and is able to get back out on his mission soon.

Besides the Storm and upcoming elections. There hasn't been too much new going on here. While storm threw us off on the first part of our week, it was back to normal missionary work after that. One thing that is constantly amazing me is just seeing how much people here sacrifice to help the Gospel grow. So many people are super willing to help us out and love having us over for dinner.. It kinda makes me feel like a bum! I can remember when we'd talk in Priest's Quorum about going on splits with the missionaries and thinking that I didn't have any time to go out and do that... Oops. Live and learn I guess, huh? I've also learned about how important home and visiting teaching can be. Often times, that is the best thing for a family that is struggling in their lives. Just knowing that somebody really cares about their family can often improve their situation much more than two 19 year old boys knocking on their door.

Another thing I've learned is how important it is to really study the scriptures in depth, keeping notes and marking passages. I've learned SO much more from my studying by doing that. I found a paper from Mom that has a calendar, with a plan to read the entire standard works in a year.  I think I am setting a firm goal to do that this upcoming year (2013). Should be really cool! I've also had a few friends who are getting close to serving missions ask me about a good scripture setup, so I took a few pictures and will email them as well showing how I have mine tabbed/marked. Hopefully it gives a few of you ideas and you can improve upon mine and come up with an even better system! :)


That was my previous week. Luckily, nothing too exciting happened. I've found that exciting things in my mission so far include sick companions, natural disasters, or crazy people, so maybe it'll just be best that I have a boring mission from here on. ;)

I hope everyone at home is doing well! When people write me, feel free to send a picture or two on occasion! We missionaries LOVE pictures. And letters. :) Also, I'm very sorry to those who I have not written back yet. It's been a crazy past few P-Days, but I should be getting quite a few letters done today.. I hope.

1 Nephi 17:13

Once again, you're all in my prayers! I love you all and I'm very grateful for all of the love and support you send my way.

Love you!
-Elder Mitch Hussey

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