Monday, November 19, 2012


Hello everybody!

It has been a very interesting week... First things first-We got Transfer Calls on Saturday! Normally, we get a call from our Zone Leaders around 8:00, but we were teaching a lesson at 5:00 when we got a phone call. As soon as we finished the lesson, we listened to the message from them telling us they had transfer calls, but they'd call us back later that night. The anticipation was killing us! Luckily, we only had to wait about 5 minutes until they tried again.

So, for the next transfer, I will be serving in............... Owego! Elder Gasetoto will be serving in.......... Owego as well! It looks like we will get to spend Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years together! Should be an exciting! So yes, I will be here in Owego for a while longer.
It is amazing how fast the time is going by. I've been out for almost 5 months already, and I will actually get to celebrate my 6 month mark right at Christmas time! Cool to think about!

Sounds like an exciting time for Missionary Work! I'm excited for my friends who are all coming out and serving or receiving mission calls! I hope Keith does well, and I'm excited for Jessica getting a mission call as well! That's pretty crazy! In regards to the China mission call rumor that is going around... We had a guy from the Missionary Department at the meeting this week, and he told us that was a rumor that was going all over BYU right now. I guess we'll see if it's true sooner or later, huh?

Speaking of the meeting in Utica last week, it wasn't anything too crazy. It was just a training for about 50 of the missionaries in our mission about some important teaching principles, the Christmas campaign the Church is doing this Christmas Season, and some new ideas for finding/teaching people around New York. It was a lot of fun though! We stayed the night in the Mission Home, got to see a lot of the missionaries I came out with, and had a lot of fun in the training. Nothing too crazy though. The work is definitely being "hastened" and changed slightly so that we can be more effective and help more people find the Gospel.
Things in Owego are pretty good! We had a good week this last week. The weather has gotten a lot warmer all of the sudden and it's beautiful! There have been a few days we've actually tracted without jackets. So, there was one funny story this past week-During our weekly planning, we decided to set goal to get one of our investigators, to commit on a Baptism date for December 29th. He's been investigating for about 18 months now, and LOVES the church, but has had some things that he has needed to work through before baptism. During our lesson with him on Saturday, we asked him to say that opening prayer. While he was praying, he asked God to help him stop smoking so that he could be baptized on December 29th. We were shocked! We hadn't even mentioned it to him yet! He told us that he had been praying about it, and decided that was the right time for him. So we're very excited for that.
I'm glad that I get to be here in Owego a little while longer. We should be having 2 or 3 baptisms this Christmas season, and it'll be really great to get to see these people that I've grown to love make this wonderful step in their lives. It should be a great transfer coming up soon.
Besides all that, things are going pretty well! I'm staying warm so far, teaching is going pretty good, and I'm learning a lot new each day. We really do have a lot to be grateful for. It's great to have a holiday like Thanksgiving where we can look at all of the blessings in our life and realize how blessed we really are. It'll be weird spending the holidays away from home this year, but the Owego Ward takes good care of their missionaries. We're eating at Sister LaCava's house this Thanksgiving. She makes SUPER good food, and she told us they're cooking 2 turkeys. Sounds like a good day to me!
I am very grateful for all of the blessings in my life at this time- 
I have an awesome family, that did a great job raising me and is continuing to be a great example to me.
I have amazing friends who support me in my decisions, and are also great examples to me.
I have an awesome companion, who I'm slowly learning random Samoan words from and who I enjoy working with.
I am extremely blessed to have a knowledge of this Gospel, and I'm very grateful for this chance I have to spend 2 years of my life sharing this great gift with the people of Upstate New York.

The list could go on forever, but we all have a lot to be grateful for. I hope you are all doing well wherever you are, and know that you're in my prayers!
Love you all!

-Elder Mitch Hussey


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