Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


It is amazing to think that it's already 2013.... Time flies!

It sounds like you all had a good Christmas and I hope you all had a good New Years as well! I loved talking to you guys and really enjoyed being able to see you guys as well! It's amazing to think about the blessing that technology are bringing to all of us now, huh? It certainly was a special week, for several reasons.
First- Christmas was great! We had a lot of little pictures to take to investigators and members of the ward we've worked with a lot. They really appreciated it and we had a lot of fun with the many different people we spent Christmas with. It was great to talk to family and spend time with friends, even if the Christmas package didn't make it (which P.S. We got it on Friday.. HA! I'm glad it made it here though. According to the post office, mail got delayed because of snow storms. But thank you so much for all of that! It was a bunch of great ideas!)
Second- We found out about Transfers!..... Guess what?!? I'm going to Syracuse New York, and I'm going to be a Zone Leader!... Crazy. I'm kinda super intimidated by that, but I know that God doesn't give us anything that we're not capable of completing/overcoming... So... This will be an adventure. I'm packing everything up today and heading to Syracuse tomorrow morning! Weird stuff.
Third- We got a TON of snow! Two Big storms hit us here in New York and dumped 7 inches one day and about 10 another.. It was wild!

Now, there was some bad news associated with this storm... The roads were CRAZY! (Don't fear, we didn't drive in it..) Because of this storm on Saturday, most people in the Ward weren't able to get into Owego.. Because of this, the baptism was postponed and rescheduled until................

December 30th, we had the baptism and confirmation right after the Church block.
It was great! The Spirit was really strong and she was glowing. We saw her yesterday and you can just see a huge difference in her already. It was awesome! Everyone was saying that was the perfect way to end my time spent in Owego. I must say, I agree 100 percent. It was awesome.
And yesterday was New Years Eve! We visited a lot of people and spent the evening with
the Rogler family. One of their daughters, has the cutest little boy and girl! We had a lot of fun with them. (Plus, she gave me a trim on my hair! Win-win-win!) :)

(One funny thing.. There is a lady we got to know pretty well out here. She wants to call and talk to you sometime in the next few days... She has our home number. Hahaha she tried calling when we were there, but thankfully you weren't home... She was saying it was ok if we didn't dial the number! I told her that she could call sometime I wasn't there though.)

I also passed my 6 month mark without even noticing it! That was pretty weird! It's so strange to think that I'm already 1/4th into my mission! I need to get pushing a little harder and work more and more while I have the time.. I have a LOT of improving I can do.

Speaking of improving, I had a thought the other day about New Years Resolutions. When the Christmas Season comes up, we all work a little harder at making the best version of us shown to everyone. We might try to be more patient, or we might try to make contact with friends, or whatever it is that we try to work on. Then, one week later, we have a tradition of setting goals for the upcoming year.. Might I suggest that the reason for that is that in the Spirit of Christmas, we see ways that we need to change to be more like Christ? Let's all look at the ways we acted different than normal during the Christmas Season, then set goals to not only try to act like that during Christmas, but throughout the whole next year? That's what I plan on doing.

Things here are going really well. I'm seeing people's lives change as they accept the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ, my testimony is growing, and I feel like I myself am changing and developing into much more than I would have been without coming on a mission. I love the people of Owego and I'm going to miss them, but I'm also excited for the upcoming year and all of the adventures that will be sure to come.

I love you all, and I hope you had a great time during the holiday season. You're in my prayers, and I hope we can all do our part to make 2013 one of the best years yet!

-Elder Mitch Hussey

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