Sunday, February 17, 2013


Hey everybody!

What a crazy/good week! Seriously, it has been one of the craziest weeks of my life, but it's also been AWESOME!

Lets start with the Baptisms. Three of our investigators got baptized! It was SO great!  It was an awesome experience, and we found a new family to teach at the baptism!  Missionary work is awesome!

This week is going to be a little bit crazy... I'm still staying in Syracuse with Elder Simmonds. WHEW! Thank goodness. So as of today, our Zone has 7 companionships (14 missionaries) in it.. In 2 days, we will have 14 companionships. We are doubling size. It's going to be a little crazy! There are 7 new areas opening, and there will be 7 training missionaries in our zone. Needless to say, it's going to be a very exciting transfer! I can't even imagine how different it's going to be. Elder Simmonds and I are both really excited and about as ready as you could be for a change like this.

It will also be a great week because we have another baptism! Crazy, huh? We're really excited for it. We might have one the next week too! Elder Simmonds and I are both being blessed a lot by the Lord. It's been amazing. We are losing about 75% of the people we work with once Syracuse is split (into 4 areas instead of 2), but we'll adapt and get a lot better at tracting!

Last Monday we went to the Zoo which was really fun. It was good to get to spend time with the missionaries in our old district. 

Here's a little more info about Syracuse-Nemo, that "SuperStorm" that was coming at us wasn't too bad. We got somewhere around 10-12 inches, which was a lot, but nothing we can't handle.

Syracuse is super funny! We see/hear all sorts of funny things every week... Picture 580 is one that I really enjoyed seeing. (Email was too big.. I'll send it next week! Sorry!)

I had my first time someone thought we were feds the other day! We knocked on the door, heard a bunch of scrambling inside, then heard someone whisper- "Wait, those aren't cops!" before they opened the door. 

The work here is still going good! This next week will change things up a lot, but it'll all go good. Holy cow.. This is going to be a wild transfer, that's for sure! Because of the MTC Training Time being decreased, this is only a 5 week transfer. So in the next 5 weeks we'll have- 5 exchanges, ~4-5 baptisms, 7 brand new missionaries, etc. I don't think I'll be too bored for the next few months! :)

The mission is great though. I am definitely seeing how much the Lord blesses us as we sacrifice, are obedient, and always try and follow what his will is. I know that, and I'm learning a lot from it!
Thanks for all you do! 

Love you!
Elder Hussey

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