Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Good afternoon family!
I always look forward to hearing from everyone. It's good to hear about what is happening at home and share what has been happening out here in New York.

It is so odd to think that school is done with back in Utah. The students in New York have school until June 21st! Poor kids... Summer is half over by then! But when I come back home, I won't know anyone in school. If I do the college days thing for ambassadors, nobody will know who I am. Weird to think about..Also it's weird to think about the youth going to Elders Quorum and Relief Society! I bet that's pretty cool. I remember being kinda hesitant when thinking about going to Elders Quorum. I felt old all of the sudden!

We had a good week here! We had a building cleanup on Wednesday which went really well. The weather was really bad (and we had planned to do a lot of yard work..), so we were worried that people wouldn't come. But we said a prayer about 2 hours before, and 45 minutes before 6, the clouds parted and the sun came out. We had a really good group of people show up and had things looking a lot better in no time! We probably had 25-30 there (some from Potsdam helping us out). We're really excited to get the branch up and running though. Only one more week of Church in Potsdam!. That's weird to think about. But it'll be really good getting started in Massena.
We had a few really good lessons this past week. We have a nice single mom and her daughter on date to be baptised June 22nd. We're very excited for them, and I'd just ask you to pray for her to accept the Law of Tithing. She doesn't have any problems with the Word of Wisdom or Law of Chastity, but funds are tight in her house. I pray that she'll have the faith to give it a shot and see how the Lord blesses her.
We had District Conference this week and Zone Training Meeting, so we spent a lot of time away from Massena. It was good to have some great motivating talks and have a few ways I can improve brought up. Life really is about doing our best and always pushing ourselves to be better!
Missions sure are funny.  We had a really solid investigator drop us this morning.  It's sad to see how much happier they are becoming and how much their life and family relationships are improving, then see them give it all up.  I keep seeing more and more every week what is really important in life- Family and the Gospel.  If you're being obedient to all of your covenants and doing your best, things just have a way of working out in the end.  It isn't always easy (in fact it can sometimes seem like it's making life harder), but it's definitely worth it.
I love you all! I'm so greatful for the support and help you are giving me.  You're all the best!

-Elder Hussey

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