Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Happy Memorial Day! Because the library was closed yesterday and we don't really have many members with computers here in Massena, we're emailing a day late! But we had an awesome Memorial Day! Elder Bybee and I went to Rich's house for the annual missionary cookout! Ever since he met the missionaries, he takes them to the Chinese Buffet on their birthday, and he does a steak grill on big holidays.

We just relaxed, ate steak and ice cream, and talked for a good while. We definetely had a good time. Probably the best preparation day and one of the best holidays I've had on my mission! We also got out and got to see one of our really cool investigators, an 8 year old girl with a baptismal date for June 22nd, and  a member we're getting to come back to church. It's not too often that you have such an awesome Preparation day!

Transfers are in 2 weeks... It scares me to think about! I think I'll probably be staying in Massena... I really hope I stay here! It's been so awesome and there will be so much good happening in the upcoming months.. I just pray that the Massena Branch is able to get a strong foundation and grow as it should.

We're getting really excited for the branch to open! It's kinda scary though.. If people follow through and actually come to church, we could have somewhere around 30 people there. On the other hand, we could only have 10 people... I am praying and we are working really hard to get a lot of people coming! Then hopefully the members in the area will all come together and work to build the branch. If the members and the missionaries are both working hard, there's no way it will fail. But if either of the two aren't doing their part, it's hard for growth to take place.

This past week was pretty good! We did a lot of tracting.. Because of holidays and bad weather, we only had 7 lessons last week..But we already have 3 this week and we have 3 more scheduled today, so things are really picking up. It is funny seeing how things fluctuate in missionary work. Some weeks, we're running from place to place and have no free time to find new people to teach, then other weeks we're trying to find new people 90 percent of the time! But Elder Bybee and I did meet a lot of good people last week, and while none of them are investigating the church, we'll hopefully make more progress as we work hard.

Oh, by the way, we finally met a less active we've been trying for a long time named Ammon, and we finally got ahold of him! He's super nice and moved up here not too long ago. However, he works on Sundays during church...

It is crazy to see how much is going on with missionary work lately! This morning I crunched some numbers from the statistical report at conference! Looking at convert baptisms, it averaged 31 people every hour. So Elder Bybee and I were tracting for an hour this morning, and nobody was interested. But as we were driving back for lunch, I looked at the bright side and said "Well... At least 31 people somewhere got baptized in the past hour!" It's amazing to think about...

But the work goes on in Massena! It's going well and I'm so grateful I get this chance to be out serving a mission. I've learned and grown so much already, and I haven't even been out for a year! I can't imagine how great the rest of it will be!

I love you all,

-Elder Hussey

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