Monday, June 3, 2013


Dear Family,

What a wonderful weekend we had here in Massena NY! It was amazing! Definitely an experience that I will never forget. Here's a picture of everybody there.

We had 46 people at the Massena Branch opening! It was so amazing! 10 of those people were visiting from other branches, but that means that we had 36 people from Massena there! That was so cool. It was unique seeing the Branch formed and everything that happened there, and then it was a testimony meeting after. There were a lot of very strong testimonies and the Spirit was there so strong! I was so touched that I was about to start bawling like I did when I was set apart! It was really really a great experience. We're going to get this Chapel filled within the next few years.. I can feel it.
Besides that, it was still an exciting week! We were out inviting everyone we saw to come and see what church was like. We had "2nd Transfer Training" for Elder Bybee and then a blitz with the Zone Leaders, Elder May and Elder Tibbits. That was really good and I learned some good things from Elder May. We had a reporter come and interview us and the Huff's about the church reopening and we had a front page headline and a 2nd page, colored, big article about it (click on the red to link to it). It was pretty cool, although there is the occasional funny thing here and there that the reporter did. But it was still a very positive experience and we've had people mention the article to us already! The work is moving forward at a quicker and quicker pace every week it seems like. The future is super exciting! There is going to be a very special, worldwide broadcast about missionary work for all members of the church on June 23rd, at 6PM NY time, so 4 PM in Utah. I think it'd be awesome if the whole family was able to watch it. I don't know what it will be about, but apparently the missions are all buzzing about something.. We've been told this will change the way that missionary work works! Whatever that is supposed to mean.. It'll be sweet!

 I'm glad things back home are going well! The talk Dad did the lesson on, "The Lords Way" was really really good. We went through that with a less active the other day and it really touched me. I'm hoping a few people will be "planted" in Massena in the near future to help the branch really grow!

I'm waiting to see about transfers this week.. I have pretty good feeling that I am staying here in Massena, but nothing is for sure yet. And I don't have the massena apartment address with me at the moment. But I'll let you know next week what's happening! I want to stay here and see the branch grow, but if I'm needed somewhere else I'm willing to go. I'm just so grateful I got to be here for the branch opening!
I'm glad things are going so well for all of you back home. Know that I'm doing well. I'm feeling the Spirit much more and in effect, am much happier than I have been in the past. That doesn't mean I don't have my rough days occasionally, but it's been amazing to see the change that's taken place within me over the past 11 months.


Time flies when you're having fun, huh?

 I love you all! I hope you're all doing great.
Elder Hussey

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