Monday, June 24, 2013


Dear Family,

It is exciting to look back and see how fast the time has gone by. It's amazing to see how much has already happened on my mission. The cool thing is that I still have one more year left to savor! It sure does go by quickly though. As we seek to do our best and adapt to the changes that are coming, I'm sure this upcoming year will be even better than the year previous.

So yesterday was sure exciting! That broadcast was pretty cool. I'm pretty sure I saw President and Sister Willard one time, as well as Matt Eddington in the choir.. Did you see them? It's amazing to see how some branches were able to turn things around in the course of a year. That one branch that hadn't had any convert baptisms in the past three years had an average of 14 member present investigator lessons a week?!? That's crazy. That'd be really really awesome to see happen. The technology changes in missionary work will be interesting to see.. I'm grateful I have been out for a year already and have had the experiences I've had so far.. I think the tracting I've done has built a lot of character! :)

Something exciting happened yesterday besides the broadcast.... Elder and Sister Huff had us over for dinner, which was BLT's. Guess what? I actually ate it, B,L,T and all. So I guess I'm getting over some of my pickiness... Who would have thought that I would've changed so much in the past year!?! ;) Funny, huh?

This past week was pretty good.. It was really stressful in some ways, but it ended up going okay. We had a lot of cancelled appointments, cancelled a few baptisms, and things just seemed like they weren't working out.. But it ended really well. We had a baptism for two sisters!
They're super funny girls. We love their family and are super glad we've had the chance to teach them. Because of a family emergency, we had to move the baptism up a few hours, so we didn't have many people from the branch there, but the Spirit was still strong and it was a unique experience. We really enjoyed it. However, the realization that an 11 year old girl was taller than me had a pretty good hit to my ego... HA!
We also had a baptism for a 8 year old in the branch. It was really cool! It made me remember little bits and pieces of my baptism... I wish I had a better memory though!
Besides that, there hasn't been anything too crazy happening. We haven't been able to make contact with a few investigators, which is kinda tough. I worry about them, but I know we've done all that we can do. We've taught them correct principles, and now they need to govern themselves.
Now we'll just try to apply the information given to us in the broadcast yesterday and see if we can be a little more involved with the members in the work. It'll take some time for the changes to fully come into effect, but we'll just keep on chugging along.
Life sure will be different when I get back home. If things keep going like they have the past year, my life might seem a little bit like the movie"The RM"! Just give me a heads up if you have a Samoan foreign exchange student moving in...
Anyway, I don't have anything else too exciting to report. I hope all is going well back home. Love you all!
-Elder Hussey

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