Saturday, July 6, 2013


Hello family!

How cool is it to think that our family grew by one by the time I'd been out on my mission for only a year!... I would have never guessed that would have happened so quickly!

Things here have been pretty good. The past week was pretty uneventfull actually... Kinda weird! We had a few new investigators we were able to meet with, which was good. We also made contact with one of our investigators who canceled his baptism finally, so that was good. We'll be teaching him again, but we'll just have to move at a much slower pace.

On the 27th, I woke up, opened my package (thank you! The cookies and pringles stix are delicious! I also like the idea of Jerky. I'll be able to throw a bag in my backpack. It's light, good for a snack, and tastes good!), then went to District Meeting. We had an exchange planned, so I went to Canton! It was good. Elder Lamb and I had fun. We rode bikes into town, which is really fun, then talked to a few funny people, then had a dinner appointment with a family. It was good, but nothing really exciting. Just another day in the work. The next day in Canton was good.... and wet. It was raining really hard, but we were having our mission wide "Car Fast" to conserve miles... So we rode our bikes into town. We got SOAKED! I made a rookie mistake too... I was wearing gray pants. Oops!

We had a good day though in Canton. After that, we swapped back at a really good burger place called "Between the Buns" that is one of my favorite places to eat in Potsdam. Then, just back to normal work back in Massena! We had a pretty good weekend again. We had about 36 people at church. I don't know if I mentioned it last week, but we had a family of 5 move into the ward last week. They're a really cool family and a huge blessing to have in the Massena Branch.

Things are going good here in Massena. We don't have Transfers until the end of July, so Elder Bybee and I will be companions for a little while longer. It hasn't been 100% confirmed yet, but it sounds like we'll be having another set of missionaries in Massena. They've had us looking for another apartment in the middle of the town, because these will be walking/biking missionaries, while the other set covers the outer areas and drives.. Should be exciting to see! I never would have thought I'd have to learn how to hunt for apartments, considering location, cost, and lease time! Look at all the life skills I continue to learn on the mission. Funny! :)

Well, I'm glad you all are doing well back home. We're doing good out here in Massena.

Love you all!

-Elder Hussey

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