Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Dear Family,
Another week gone, another adventure on its way in New York.... Elder Bybee and I thought we knew what was going to be happening at transfers... We were wrong! Crazy stuff!

So transfers... I'll tell you what Elder Bybee and I expected. We got word a few weeks ago that Massena was being split into 2 areas- Massena Walk and Massena Drive. Massena walk would be in a new apartment downtown and have no cars, but they would just cover the village of Massena. Massena Drive would be in our apartment and cover all of the outer areas of the branch. We were expecting Elder Bybee to take over the walk area and continue to work with everyone we've been teaching here in town, while I took over the drive area and started new again, trying to find new people to come to church..
However, as President Wirthlin says, "The Logic of man is not the will of God."
We got our transfer call on Saturday at about 1:10 while we were driving to a lesson with Brother Rich. As the Zone Leaders were telling us everything that was going on, they informed us that Elder Tollefson (The assistant) would be coming to open up the Massena Walk area and train.. So he'll be teaching everyone we've been working with. Then, they informed us that and Elder Mecham would be coming to the Massena Drive area.... After a little bit of suspense, they informed Elder Bybee that he would be Elder Mecham's new companion in the Drive Area, and that I would be going to Lowville! That's crazy! We were all super surprised about it..
I guess I'm leaving Massena! It was pretty tough to think about and kinda shook me up for a bit, but I feel good about it now. I trust that President Wirthlin isn't the one transferring me, and I know that this will be the best for Massena! Elder Tollefson is the perfect man for working here in Massena.
I started packing earlier this morning.. It's still weird to think that I'm leaving.. But I'm excited for Lowville. It has a branch and is down by Watertown. I'm making a loop back towards Syracuse! I've heard it's definitely a cow town and most people there are either farmers or work at the KRAFT CHEESE FACTORY! Get ready for some cheese! :) It'll be cool. My new companion is Elder Davis (the younger, not the one I came out with). I don't know anything else besides that... A lot of people told me that Lowville is the snowiest place in New York during the winter, so that'll be exciting!

I love Massena! I'm always going to be super excited to hear about how the Branch is doing and how the people I've come to love are. It'd be really cool to come to church up in Massena in a year if you guys wanted to come out and pick me up.... :) I'd definitely want to drop by the Massena Branch.

That's my exciting news! I'm headed to Lowville. It'll be awesome! I'm excited to work with another Branch. Thanks for updating me on people back home. I love you all and I'm so glad you're all doing well!

Love you guys!
-Elder Hussey

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