Monday, July 8, 2013


It's a beautiful day here in Massena! This past week has been very unique.. Rain one day, then super humid heat the next. Back and forth. Kinda tough to get used to! But it's been good. It is amazing to think that it is already July! The time is just flying by.. I realized that a few of my really good missionary friends are getting close to going home! In the next 4 months, Elder Baird, Elder Simmonds, and Elder Gasetoto will all be going home! That is crazy.... Kinda sad. I might not get to see them again while they're on their missions! Weird! Time does fly.. Sometimes too quickly.

Biking has been a lot of fun! Elder Bybee and I had a day last week we didn't even touch the car... We were both really sore by the time we got back in to the apartment. And it was the hottest day of the week. But it was fun and it made me feel like the missionaries you see in the movies! I really enjoyed it.

Pretty sweet bikes, huh? The Huffs got them from another missionary couple.. If I find out that I'm going to be in the walk area next transfer, I might need to look for another bike. This one doesn't quite fit me right... But it'll work for now!

The next transfer, we might be getting another set right in Massena that would cover the inside of Massena, while a set with the car covers the outer areas. We have had a lot of work going on right in town, but we haven't had too much going on outside of Massena. Because of that, we've been trying to get out and see people in the outside area and we've met some really great people! There's a family with 5 kids that I have faith will start coming back to church, as well as a few other people here and there we've found. There's another family (all none-members) that we met and are going back to teach this upcoming Thursday. We're trying as hard as we can to fill up the Massena Chapel! I'm determined to see 50 people there at church before I leave.. It'll happen!

I'm glad to hear you all are doing so well back home. Things are good here in Massena. There was a car show here on Friday, so we stopped in to walk around and get stared at for a while. (Seriously, the people here in Massena stare at us WAY more than they have in other areas...Oh well!) Elder Bybee LOVES El Caminos. Absolutely loves them. So he was on the hunt to find them at the car show.. And he did! There were 3 of them, but one was the first year they did an El Camino and looked really good. I snagged a picture of him right as he turned around from looking in it.. :)

I learned a lot about cars from Elder Bybee that night! As we were driving around I asked him all sorts of questions and he loved talking about all that stuff. It was a lot of fun and a good way for a lot of people in the community to see us out in the open, not just knocking on their porch.

So I have a question- How much do we know of our family history? Do you think you could send me some info? Do we know how far back the Hussey family goes with church history? When did our first ancestor join the church? Were any of them pioneers? It'd be a shame to not know about them if that was the case. I was reading a talk in an old Ensign and it was talking about Alma Sonne, and I recognized him from my Priesthood Line of Authority. I've just been wondering how much our family has in family history. Family History is really cool and I think I'll be a lot more involved in it once I'm done with my mission, but we're also going to be utilizing it quite a bit more in our mission in the upcoming months, so I want to start gathering some info now!

Things are going good! It's good to hear from you all and I'm glad things are going good for the family. Let me know if there's anything I can do for you!

I love you guys!

-Elder Hussey

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