Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Hey family!

 This past week was pretty nice! We had some cooler weather roll in, which was really nice! We had some really good visits with new investigators as well as less active members of the church and things have been progressing pretty well. The humid heat rolls in occasionally and can be really difficult to handle, but it normally only lasts until a super weird storm comes out of nowhere and clears it out. The other day, it was a beautiful sunny day, then it got super humid.. Then in about an hour, a big nasty storm blew in and just unloaded on Massena! Super heavy rain and crazy wind were tearing everything up! There were a lot of trees down and anything people had out in their yards was missing once it was done! Luckily, we had an appointment we had just barely gotten to when the storm hit! We were all watching it out of the window, then we read a chapter of the Book of Mormon, then the storm let off and we made it home for the night. Right as we started planning, the rain started up again! Glad it worked out like it did!

So things are changing quite a bit in the mission field.. We haven't really had anything change quite yet, but I can see a lot of changes in the near future. They want us to move away from tracting a lot, which I can understand. A lot of people seem scared of us. When you have people cross the street so they don't have to talk to you, you know something is wrong. A lot of people just don't understand our purpose as missionaries, which is a shame. But as of now, we do still knock doors occasionally. I don't think they'll ever factor that out completely, because there are plenty of good people found that way, but they're emphasizing finding in other ways more. We can now do 4 hours of scheduled service a week, which is a little higher than it's been. I think we're going to be doing a lot more with family history as well, which could open up a few opportunities. And we desperately need the members to help us find people to teach. It's SO nice when someone we're teaching has a member friend to support them and help us in the teaching. They would love it if we never did have to knock doors, but with as many hours as there are in the day it'll take some time to work towards that. Missionary work probably sounds a lot different from when you were out, huh?

This past week was pretty good. We had about 10 lessons and several other good encounters with less actives that will hopefully lead to them coming back soon.

They have changed up a little bit with how we're supposed to dress.. Not entirely sure what all is changing, but I guess we'll see! That'll be interesting to see what all President Wirthiln approves of. We did get the word that backpacks are out.. Kinda a pain, but what can you do, huh? Elder Bybee has a really nice shoulder bag that is waterproof and has some good pockets and straps for when we bike. He told me that you can order them on timbuk2.com

He got one that was the small size and it's worked great for him. The best thing is that it's waterproof, because a normal shoulder bag I could find out here would probably get soaked through with some of the storms we've been in. I looked at the missionary site showing what kind of bags are appropriate, and there were two of the same kind of bag there. Here's pictures so you guys can see what it looks like.
I really like that color of blue, although I'd probably switch it up so that the main part of the bag was black and the blue was the middle sripe and interior liner. Elder Bybee told me the bags are all sorts of customizable with pockets and colors and everything. It'd be really nice if I could get permission to go online and do it next P-Day.. See if you guys can see what it's like and how expensive they are, and I'll keep my eyes out as well. I feel bad whenever I'm wearing my backpack now! Haha
And on the suits, they're all holding up pretty good as of now. A few of my pants are getting a little bit tight, but I think the better solution will just be for me to stop eating ice cream and pop-tarts... :P I'll keep that in mind with the suits though! The biggest thing I could probably use is a few more short sleeved shirts. The Mr. Mac ones are okay, but they're all super wide and it always looks like it's not tucked in the best. Elder Bybee was able to get slimmer shirts at CTRclothing that look a little better. Either the "slim" or "athletic" fits would be a bit slimmer.
Anyway, things here are going good! We're just working hard and hoping everything goes well for the Massena Branch! It's a lot of work to get a branch started strong.
Love you all though! Transfer calls this Saturday..... We'll see what happens!
Love you guys!
-Elder Hussey

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