Monday, August 12, 2013


Hello family!

Things are going good here in Lowville! I am feeling really good today. Not sure why, but I'm not gonna complain! It's been so beautiful here lately, and the fall will be even better. I can't wait!

We do have a baptism this week on Friday. I am excited, but it's also really a scary week waiting in anticipation.. Our investigator doesn't have much support from friends or family and I am just praying she will stay strong and stay true to what she knows! It's going to be a good experience for her though! She's great.

Elder Davis is a fun companion. We really do get along well, but it has made it really apparent how much of a red personality I am.. He's probably a blue/white, so I feel like I'm really overpowering personality wise. I need to make sure I let him lead and grow while I'm with him. He is a california kid though! The stories about California drivers- All true. Just kidding! hahaha He's been out about 6 months and is still in his first area. He was a little more shy growing up and the mission is a big step out of his comfort zone. Talking to random people, especially when you are the ones starting the conversation... On their doorstep, is difficult stuff sometimes. But he's a good companion.

Lowville is a different area from all of my others. We have 2 investigators and a few less-actives we kinda see here and there, but I'm hoping we can change that soon. We had 4 lessons in all of last week, so we have a lot more time to get out and talk with people. The area is HUGE in comparison to my other areas, so we are driving a lot more than I'm used to. But the people are nice and life is a bit slower paced, so people are a little bit more willing to talk with us. We have been working on getting everything organized and figured out so that we can effectively work our entire area while staying within our mileage limitations. We can go 1100 miles a month, which sounds like a lot, but it can go by really quickly.

We had a new family move into the Branch this past week. I really enjoyed moving them in and we are so glad to have them! We just got 4 more priesthood and one more sister, which basically doubled the amount of priesthood in our branch! Yesterday was the first time in 5 months I haven't had to either bless or pass the sacrament! Crazy stuff..

Dinner appointments are a little sparse up here, but I keep joking with the members and giving them the meal calendar. It's not so much the food aspect (I tell them they can just give us PB&J if they want), but getting to know the members and helping them feel the Spirit of missionary work does wonders. As of now, we get about 2 meal appointments a week. But that gives me an opportunity to learn how to cook! :) And I've continued to expand what I eat.. I've been eating Oatmeal for breakfast the past week! Crazy, huh? Who would've thought?

Also, funny story- There were 2 little girls out with a booth last Saturday selling stuff. I thought it was lemonade, but it was actually little bags of lettuce. Anyway, they were working so hard trying to sell stuff and earn money, so I decided to buy a bag for $1.00
Gotta support kids that are willing to work for their money! So I washed it up and thought it looked a little different.. I thought it might have been spinach or something. It tasted like weeds... I got a good laugh out of that though.

I've been really bad at getting back to people... I haven't emailed friends too much, although it's nice when they drop a note and let me know what's going on in their lives. But, like you've said before, an email is cool- a handwritten letter is way better. I need to get back into the habit of writing letters again! And you are right, missions have changed a lot.. Even in the past year!

Well, things are going good here. I'm excited for this week. I'm so grateful to have a great family like you back home and I glad I get this opportunity to be out here.
Love you all!

-Elder Hussey

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